Monday , November 29 2021

Zvadhakwa …. Auto Importers leave bicycles at Beitbridge Border Post to not do for representation


Car importers leave bicycles at Beitbridge

It was a so-called day on Beitbridge Border Post when no car lost lost to car importers did not miss out in foreign currency or announced by the Minister of Finance Mthuli Ncube in # 39; the budget of a budget.

"The government is insensitive, even those who have brought their cars out of Messina and the Zimra loan process has begun to be paid yesterday to pay in foreign currency.

"All of the players I know they have solved their cars to not get the required foreign currency. Zvadhakwa (here is no longer here)," said an agent refused to mention.

To make matters worse, car storage businesses have begun to load effectively today's storage container in US $.

This includes the FIFA president Kembo Mohadi's Malindi Transit Shed.

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