Thursday , June 1 2023

Zifa: Machana has financial stability.



Sikhumbuzo Moyo, Senior Sports Reporter
Philemon Machana, a member of the Zifa executive committee on finance, says the association has secured financial stability through rigorous internal controls, and has shown that the association only eats what is supposed to have died.

Machana, who is looking for a power of attorney to continue on the executive committee, said that while people allow players to loot the poor resources of the game, those who profit, such as employees and players, are stranded.

Machana will go right off against the five other longing candidates, Sugar Chagonda, Chamu Chiwanza, Berry Manandi, Stanley Chapeta and Bryton Malandule for four posts.

"Zifa has been stabilized, financial regulations and internal controls have been tightened to protect the current funding and assets of the association. Salaries are now paid at fixed times, and employees now focus on things that are not madhiri. Fifa funding turned the system around at the FA, we tried to eat what we killed and live in our means, "says Machana," the era of free looting has long been focused on transparency and accountability. "

He has demonstrated his expertise in the association's financial and administrative areas and praised the legislature, association president, government, soccer administrators and technical teams, public and soccer support families, partner companies and professionals. Strong support provided to soccer players over the last two years.

"I've learned a lot and will be investing more in grassroots, junior high school and women's football when we're next, and infrastructure development will be of interest." We are ready to grow the game and still play a passionate role I will distribute the Fifa Fund as Zifa to all affiliates for the development program and at the Annual General Meeting on December 1 I will urge you to submit resolutions on all affiliates that own the association in terms of excellent union membership. We have to pay off the debt so that we can start with a clean slate, "Machana said," now that they will be clean and in good shape, so we can get this development fund. "

When the Zifa election was held, presidential and vice presidential candidates, Felton Kamambo, Gift Banda, and Mlungisi Moyo wanted to run as committee members.

The trio has been rejected for other reasons and has been incorrectly named without passing the integrity test.

Article 10 of the Zifa Constitution defines who is a member of Zifa. Among them, the PSL club and its twelve tribunals define their rights and "nominate all the bodies of the elected Shiites as candidates."

Article 38.3 states that only members of the tribe will propose a presidential candidate. The PSL president is not a member of Zifa and is a member club so the nominee must indicate the representative club.

The trio said he was the PSL president, but he did not name the club he was representing.

"So it could actually be someone, the law does not act on assumptions," the observer said.

Article 6 of the Elections Code entrusts the Commission to strictly enforce the Fifa, Caf and Zifa statutes. Article 9 states that the eligibility criteria must comply with the Fifa and Fifa regulations, and the governance rules speak for the integrity checks found in the Fifa code.

If the association does not have an ethics committee, you can conduct an integrity test using an independent agency. The Zifa conducted an integrity test on the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Committee.

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