Wednesday , July 28 2021

Xbox One Leak provides the "All-Digital" Xbox One with no disc drive

Suddenly, the long running rings and reports confirm images of "all-digital" Xbox One that has no disk drive online. The German website received the images, which appear from a European retailer.

The deserved caste art seems to resemble Minecraft, Sea of ​​Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3 on this console. The kitchen also features a 1 TB fixed disk. Prices details are undefined at this time. Note that this is only one version of an all-digital Xbox One SKU that Microsoft can plant. Ties historically changed by region.

Whatever the case may be, although official images for the console are official, it is not long to be Microsoft until it is officially available. When it happens, Microsoft will come next to Inside Xbox event on April 16. Besides the news about Microsoft's plans for E3, the company can see this console in a show.

Microsoft is also planning to schedule a disk-to-digital campaign where & # 39; t bring you a disc game to a retailer and get a download code. In addition, there are routes from a new one Xbox Live + Xbox Play Customize package for $ 15 USD / month, so that another may be the one for this Inside Xbox stream.

Pre-orders for the All-Digital Xbox One console are included in April, with the system then launching for sale in May around the world.

The disc-free Xbox One cannot be the latest console Microsoft has in the coming months. Microsoft is rumbling to open at least one Commune console at the E3 in June. And, importantly, if Microsoft creates a disk-free Xbox one, it doesn't mean that the company stops making Xbox One consoles with disc drive. Internet sales and a variety of regions, and all digital consoles don't work anywhere on this stage. It appears that Microsoft is providing a request the option to do everything digitally for whoever wants to.

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