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Women's Nobel Prize calls on the world to rule when they have violently sexual violence


December 10, 2018 07:57:21

One of the winners of & # 39; Nobel Prize for Nobel Prize winners says the price has hit sexual violence against women in # 39; The wars should be followed by action against the abuse.

Key points:

  • The winners are taught for their work against sexual violence
  • Co-winner Denis Mukwege says women's battlefields in conflicts
  • Dr. Mukwege has treated over 15,000 fortunate victims in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where 12 percent of women were injured

Sexual Services:

  • 1800 RESPECT: 1800 737 732
  • Lifeline: 131 114
  • Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636

Dr. Denis Mukwege spoke on Sunday at a news conference with Nadia Murad of Iraq, with whom he shared the 9 million Swedish crown (1.9 million) price.

The doctor honored for his work that sexually abusive women help in the hospital, which he founded in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ms Murad, in Yazidi, won her sexual harassment lawyer after she was killed by the Islamic State camps.

"What we see in armed conflicts is that women's bodies become battlefields, and this can not be accepted in our time," said Mukwege, quoted by a translator.

"We can not just say, we must do this," he said.

Murad was one of about 3,000 women and women from Iraq & # 39; A yazidi minority group were infested in 2014 by IS militants and sold to sexual slavery.

She was injured, dumped and for the attempt to escape three months later.

After being treated in Germany, she chose to talk to the world about the horrors that Yazidi women were in service, despite the severe stigma in her culture for heresy.

She said that it was difficult for a girl, a woman to say that these grunts were done.

Congo remains a dangerous place for women

Mr. Mukwege, a 63-year-old surgeon, founded a hospital in the city of Bukavu and over the last 20 years treated over 15,000 women who were rescued in & nbsp; t fight between armed groups that have a lot of national empire of # 39;

Despite the end of the Second Congo War in 2003, invalid sexual violence was imposed on # 39; Congolese women by military and police officers next to an informal guerilla militant daily, with a 2012 report that the country meant the "reminiscent capital of the world".

Following research investigations have never signed a complete picture of sexual misconduct in Congo, to respond to further violence, but found the latest available data at least 1.8 million women – or 12 percent of all Congolese women reported.

He gave the care of so-called new violence as Congo would hold a general election this month.

"We believe the conflict to block this electrical period and women and children are always the first victims of such conflicts," he said.

Together with the prevention of sexual violence, more authority will be needed to deal with victims, so Mukwege.

"We must realize that every woman who has a sexual assault in her own country – these women must be treated at the same time and it is not just medical treatment, including psychological treatment, judicial treatment," he said.

Ms Murad said the psychological burden of her ordeal and her later work was heavy.

"I do not want to live in anxiety. For the last four years I am in Germany, in a safe place, but still I am happy," she said.

"I'm afraid these people have not just attacked me or have an influence on me but with each other."

Ms Murad and Mr Mukwege get today's award on a story in Oslo.

Nobel Prize winners for medicine, physics, chemistry and economics will get their prices on Monday in Stockholm.

No Nobel Prize winner this year was known by sexual abuse accidents in Swedish Academy, who choose the literature winners.





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