Thursday , April 22 2021

UN: 2 polio cases in Mozambique caused by virus of vaccine

LONDON – Global healthcare providers say they have identified two cases of polio in Mozambique that have been caused by a mutated impression virus, which makes it another deposit for trying to increase crippling disease.

In this week's report, the World Health Organization and partners have confirmed that they have confirmed two cases in a 6-year-old girl and one of her contacts. Official statement that found the isolates of the tests found to be infected by a virus that derives from the vaccine. In rare cases, vision in the oral polio vaccine may mutate in a form that cannot cause a new outbreak.

Seedlings have more often found to reduce polio flipping and face many challenges in other countries where the disease does not expire. Last year there are dozens of cases in other Africa in Africa, including Nigeria, Congo and Somalia.

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