Sunday , May 29 2022

UConn aims at home-and-house series with Purdue


The UConn football team tries its non-conference with games against Big Ten opponents.

UConn has announced that she agrees with a home and series series with Purdue, starting with a home team on September 11, 2021, with the backlash for September 13, 2025 in West Lafayette, India.

The Huskies will have five matches against Big Ten competitors in other three seasons, such as the Huskies play in 2019 and Indiana in Indiana and Indiana.

The date of the first Purdue game is to be originally planned as UConn plays in Clemson, but it is now included as TBA on

Other nonconference games for UConn in 2021 are September 2 against Holy Cross and 2 October at UMass.

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