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Tshisekedi declared Congo's president, but runner-on revolutions

KINSHASA, Congo (AP) – Congo's election risk earned honor on Sunday when the Constitutional Court confirmed Felix Tshisekedi's profit, fraud allegations, and runner-up Martin Fayulu promotes the "only legitimate president of the country" .

Fayulu supporters have called for extraordinary backflow by the outcome of President Joseph Kabila to stimulate voice in & # 39; a preference for & # 39; an opposition to & # 39; t the candidate of & # 39; a manager was so bad that a Plan B was needed. No page has acknowledged the accusations.

However, the judge said that Fayulu had not provided evidence to preserve its interests that it was easily won based on nice data present to the election committee.

Fayulu called on Congo's to take the streets to talk about what he called "constitutional coup d'etat", that the court might have falsified results. "It's not a secret … you have elected me chairman," he said.

Still Congolese or the international community must recognize Tshisekedi, nor follow him, join Fayulu.

Tshisekedi, son of the late, charismatic opposition leader Etienne, is the largest uncharted on Tuesday. His supporters were gathered outside of the courtesy.

"It is a shame that Mr. Fayulu wants to stay isolated," said Tshisekedi's spokesman Vidiye Tshimanga, told The Associated Press. He said the two men had ever been part of an opposition coalition, that Kabila went.

The new president will need everyone for the reconstruction of the country, Tshimanga says, as the Congo people "have learned a lot over the past few years".

The explanation of the court came shortly after the African Union in an inexorable election that asked Congo to forgive & # 39; the elections of & # 39; elections The elections, the "heavy doubt," said about the mood. The plan is to send a whole level of delegation on Monday to discover a road of crisis, fearful of disruption to & # 39; bribe the borders of a fierce Central African people.

The Congo government responded that it was a court.

The court raises Fayoulus' request for a representation in & # 39; December

Governor Lambert Mende soon recognized the decision of the court, killing Tshisekedi as fifth president of Congo.

The country of 80 million people, rich in & # 39; minerals key for smartphones to & # 39; A world, close to realizing its first free democratic transfer of power has come since independence in 1960.

But judges have warned that the court of & # 39; The official results can lead to further unrest. At least 34 people are murdered to release released results on January 10.

The court could have ordered a report or confirmed a new election.

It called a challenge challenge that was replaced by another candidate, Theodore Ngoy, who made the last minute decision of & # 39; a commission committee to break out one million voters from one election on a deadly Ebola virus.

The right-wing Tshisekedi had over 7 million votes, or 38 percent, and Fayulu got 34 percent. However, fun data that was published by some media publications was at an electoral commission and represented 86 percent of & # 39; The voices show that Fayulu won 59 percent, while Tshisekedi received 19 percent.

Fayulu, a lawyer and expert who has extended the removal of Congo's unending corruption, is widely regarded as the position of a threat to Kabila, its allies, and the great wealth they have.

All election results, not just the president, were many questions raised to Kabila's administrative coalition in a majority of legislation and provincial states, while his presidential candidate was distance.

Congo elections had an end to the end of 2016, and many Congolese attended Kabila, in & # 39; a power since 2001, a way to stay in office. Sold out of three consecutive terms, Kabila has already adjusted that he can walk again in 2023.

After Tshisekedi was known as the surprising winner in provincial results on January 10, some Congolese appeared to probably decide from one thirst to the other that Kabila was substitute for a resistance figure, despite questions about the mood.

Reflecting on Sustainability for Stability, 33 Congo non-governmental groups and citizens of & # 39; A Thursday afternoon society calls on people to register the rules to "preserve peace".

With that perhaps in the case, the party of Tshisekedi defeated the AU set up intervention.

"The state of a continental body is" the work of some mining lobbies that destabilize the Democratic Republic of Congo to earn the plundering of this land, "Secretary General Jean-Marc Kabund said , in a statement.

Prior to court, a court was hundreds of & # 39; supporters of Tshisekedi on & # 39; streets of & # 39; a capital city of Kinshasa, banks of civil servants and banners read "Congo for the Congo".


Petesch informed of Dakar, Senegal.


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