Friday , February 3 2023

Try Rocket Lab's first commercial mission to space again.


Aerospace boots Rocket Lab will test this astronaut's first commercial space probe "It's Business Time" this weekend. The small satellite launcher has seven small probe electronic rockets. If successful, this flight will officially commence commercial operation of the company officially canceling the two test flights.

Rocket Lab had trouble broadcasting "It's Business Time". The company, which was launched at a private station in New Zealand, tried several times to accomplish this particular task, but had to be aware of strange behavior using one of the rocket's motor controllers. After making some design changes, Rocket Lab is ready to try again. The company offers an option to start every day between 10 PM ET and 2 AM ET, starting from 10 November until 19 November.

This flight has several small satellites from Spire Global, Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems, Fleet Space Technologies and Irvine CubeSat STEM programs, some of which are just the size of a shoebox. That's because the main purpose of the Rocket Lab is to launch only small satellites. The company's Electron is about 56 feet high and can hold between 330 and 500 pounds on a low orbit around the globe. This is ideal for satellite operators who are focused on making spacecraft smaller than the size of the school bus.

So far, Rocket Lab has once orbit. Two missions were conducted before this mission, both of which were flying in space. However, the first mission failed to achieve orbit due to a fault with telecommunications equipment on the ground. The second satellite succeeded in orbiting and successfully deployed four satellites. If this task is well done, Rocket Lab can boast of having 11 probes in orbit.

And as soon as this flight is over, Rocket Lab comes up with another plane. The company plans to launch ELaNa XIX, which will bring 11 small research satellites into orbit to begin NASA's mission in December of this year. The company also has a compact manifest and Rocket Lab chief executive Peter Beck said he plans to fly 16 flights next year.

But first, business time needs to finally fly. Rocket Lab plans to launch a launch pad once the time for takeoff is set. Follow your company's Twitter. To get up-to-date information about your mission, come back here to see the mission in real time.

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