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Treatment closes prostatic cancer growth

An Australian cancer procedure that used precursor punishment treatment to help prostate cancer people have many problems.

The problem, the largest world, handles nearly 200 males prior to prostate cancer that spread to other parts of their body with stereotactic body flow.

"This new Australian data is hopeful for men who live with metastatic prostate cancer," Icon Cancer Center in Melbourne's punishing oncologist Dr. Pat Bowden.

The treatment uses high-dose radiation to determine smaller areas of cancer while maintaining health.

Up to 50 percent of patients were freed from treatment scaling for two years and no patient problems identified as severe long-term side effects, results in the International Journal of Cancer show.

"Leau is an unexpected condition of life expectancy of about five years. It is a lot of promotion to see precisely punitive therapy delaying progression over two years," he said.

The results show that the proper radiation therapy in cancer care can improve the quality and durability and life, the doctor said.

Up to 18,000 men receive prostate cancer diagnosis each year and 15,000 men are currently living with metastatic prostate cancer.

The study was led by Icon Cancer Center experts and funded by the Epworth Medical Foundation and the EJ Whitten Foundaiton.

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