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TREASURIES proceeds increase as investors wait for the ECB, Fed meetings


                * Policy of central bank in focus
* IMF outlines global growth prospects
* Treasury to sell $ 40 billion two-year notes

By Karen Brettell
NEW YORK, JULY 23 (Reuters) - US proceeds raise rains
higher on Tuesdays than investors were waiting for meetings of central banks
for new signals on how much interest savings are likely
Europe and the United States.
The European Central Bank (ESDB) is expected to be more responsive
monetary policy when it meets on Thursday.
The Federal Reserve is also seen as sure to cut them
benchmark rate on their meeting of 30-31 July.
Although a 25 basis point cut by the Fed is seen as more
probably then a deeper, some analysts have claimed that a 50-
base point reduction would be more effective in stimulating & # 39; e
economy and compensating slowing global growth concerns.
“I think if they do 25 basis points, both the bond market
and the tooth market will sell, if I think the marks
will be disappointed that they did not do 50 basis points, "Tom said
di Galoma, a director of Seaport Global Holdings.
Interest rate futures traders are priced in a 79% chance
a cut of 25 basis points and a chance of 21% on one 50 basis point,
according to the FedWatch's CME Group tool.
Benchmark 10-year notes fell 5/32 in price
yield 2,060%, up from 2,043% on Monday. The proceeds have kept
between 2,023% and 2,078% for four consecutive trading sessions.
Expectations that the US central bank
Base point cuts last week after Fed President John of New York
Williams advocates rapid action to maintain economic weakness,
but returned to the New York Fed said the comments were not
about upcoming policy action.
The International Monetary Fund declined Tuesday
global growth forecast this year and next warn it more
U.S.-China rates, auto-tariffs as well as interference-friendly Brexit cows
furthermore, slow growth, weakening investments and disturbing supply
Proceeds on short-term Treasury bills increased
President Donald Trump and US Congressmen reached
deal on a two-year extension of a debt limit and federal
issue caps that prevent future fear of governmental standards
add this year to increasing budget deficits.
Issuance of short-term state debt is likely to increase
to finance the growing shortage. Rise on three-month bills
increased to 2,093%, from 2,082% on Monday.
The Treasury Department will sell $ 40 billion in two years
notes on Tuesday, the first $ 113 billion in short sales
intermediate dated notes this week. It will also sell $ 41
billion in notes on five years on Wednesday and $ 32 billion in notes
thirteen year old notes on thursday.

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