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There are some games on Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime. He wants to sell you.


Reggie Fils-Aime is a drug addict mode. It is the main equipment for the President of Black Friday Day Nintendo of America sitting in a hotel suite on Manhattan's 38th floor full of Nintendo games and system boxes. "We are excited about the fact that we are looking forward to the next 45 days and that we have literally something for all kinds of gamers and gamers of all types in the Americas."

Nintendo is different from other game companies and when I meet with Fils-Aime, I am reminded once again how this game company sells games and systems to children and their families as well as teenagers and adults. Nintendo is a game company that has the closest connection to the toy industry, huge Christmas deals, and connections to the game lineup during the holiday season. That's why we meet. He commits Nintendo to every holiday wish list.

In hotel suites, Fils-Aime takes on the role of the best Nintendo salesman in the US, tracing the details of the newly announced Black Friday bundle. There is a switch with Super Mario Maker and Mario Kart 8 with 2DS. The latter says, "It's worth $ 40," explaining that it cost $ 80 if you later decide that it cost $ 40. For $ 40, you do not need to purchase 2DS ($ 80) and Super Mario Maker 3DS ($ 40) separately.

Fils-Aime shows me a strong pitch that can be nominated for Cy Young. The switch is doing fine. People boast new Pokémon and Smash. Super Mario Party He says he's "doing pretty well" in the Americas where he's part of Nintendo's sales department, and he visits his daughter in college and plays with his friends for hours. Did they drink it? I interrupted. "Without alcohol," he says. "It was early afternoon."

He is proud of the upcoming games and the latest switch games. He has more than half of the switch owners in the Americas The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8.

The new Super Mario Maker 3DS / 2DS bundle is a good deal for $ 80, with Nintendo introducing the 2DS line of 3DS gaming systems, with confusing naming problems.

He is proud of Nintendo 3DS and 2DS. He is proud to be a "proud handheld business" for Nintendo fans who want the Switch to be totally focused on the switch. "Here we have the Americas growth over the first three quarters of the year." (Data shows that 3DS software sales declined globally this year, but hardware sales are higher in the US, Europe and Japan It first became hot.)

Fils-Aime writes a toss aside, acknowledging that I know I had a child because a good salesperson made it personal. It is a detail from a small conversation over many years with the person interviewed for 10 years. He says 3DS / 2DS is "great for introductory customers who are 5, 6, 7 years old, you are not there yet, and you will soon be buying 2DS or 2DS XL …"

We can not be sure Fils-Aime has exactly memorized how long our children are. They are almost two people. "Are you still selling them in four years?" I ask.

For companies that have maintained 3DS hardware standards since 2011, it will not be a huge, but impressive one. It's like Apple decided to sell iPhone 4S variants while selling a much more powerful phone.

"Yes, we are …" Fils-Aime probably stops by saying, "I surely hope so," promising years of support in a personal appeal.

"It is perfect for the consumer," he said. "You can offer products that can withstand the abuse of young children and enjoy over 1000 games and provide some of the classic classics in this industry."

I sold it.

When the president of Nintendo of America sells, he sells everything, and boys have a lot to sell. It is not new. Pokemon The game out has a new bundle with a Pokéball controller, a copy of the game and a copy of itself. He admits that supply can always be a problem, but he thinks that he planned it well. However, Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo's biggest 2018 game was "sold out effectively."

The first time the NES Classic and the SNES Classic system came together, they probably admitted that the previous edition was just sold in 2016 and Nintendo was on the market this year.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo's New Year Games

There are a lot of things, and there are a lot of weaknesses when selling Nintendo products through Wii U's thunder. Nintendo's 2018 lineup came to fruition. Its major title is totally not entirely known to have a huge flaw in the premise altogether. I do not know that Nintendo has sold 8 million copies of the Mario Kart 8 on Wii U, and according to Nintendo, knows that it has sold 11.7 million copies with a minimal modification to the switch. I am floating in November of that switch. Pokemon stratagem, Let's Pikachu / Go!, Not new at all Smash Ultimate..

"Technically, the game is building old games," I say. "smash Be based on smash Wii U … Many things have been added. "

Fils-Aime basically creates a long string of characters n, a negative sound. And: "smash It is brand new. smash. "

"I was curious," I heard again. "You see this as a limiting factor to how well these games are not a whole new game, I know what I mean."

"Why do not we always agree, Steven?" He asks.

"It's more fun."

He laughed. Obviously he knows what I mean. Apparently he Super Smash Bros. Ultimate You have everything in every character and stage. smash Before that, it was a game, but new characters, stages, and story modes seem to be original. I know it is not just replaying. But it will also not break the very boldness that a whole new game will do. I also know that it may not be important in terms of sales. And I'm sure he knows all this, but this nuance is not pitch. No, it's a pitch.

"Let's do it. Smash Brothers."He says.Smash Brothers. brand new smash game. Extensive list of playable characters, new playable characters, this is a brand new game. [The franchise director] Mr. Sakurai will continue to adjust various characters until launch and even launch. new experience. I showed you what your single-player experience looks like. One is not from the past system. It is for a new thing. smash player. "

Nintendo has a big goal this year. The company is working to sell 20 million switches during the current fiscal year from April 1, 2018 through March 31, 2019. While there is a tendency for sales to increase during the holiday season, the goal can be difficult. From early March 2017 to the end of March 2018, Nintendo sold nearly 18 million switches during nearly 13 months of the first year of the console. For a year, the switch has a new Zelda, new Splatoon And repackaged Mario Kart Until summer is over and new Super Mario Games in the fall. The second year of the switch was a weak hand. There were plenty of great games like indie platforms. Celeste Or Odd Nintendo-published Sushi striker Games and Labo cardboard folding experience, but the big Nintendo brand game was lacking.

Pokémon: Let's go, Eevee. It has its roots in the franchise's Game Boy game.

One investor recently publicly complained to Shintaro Furukawa, Nintendo's entire chairman, about the relatively weak lineup in 2018, saying, "No major titles were announced between January and September this year." "You need to raise your Nintendo Switch audience." Furukawa answered, "It takes time to develop software," which led to a potential gap between major releases. During the downtime, he said, Nintendo had to "fill in the gap" with sales volume and downloadable content.

"That's our goal." Fils-Aime talks about Switch Marks, which span two times in 20 million years. "This October, November and December schedule is important for us to achieve our goals." Mario Party, Black Friday deal promises, all the strengths of North and South America, the Nintendo sales area he operates. "We are in a good position to make a fair distribution to achieve that goal." The "fair distribution" is the above: He is not responsible for selling Nintendo and systems in Japan, Europe, Australia and other areas . North and South America is not his responsibility.

I point out that the switch seems to be cooled in some way. The NPD Group, which tracks game and hardware sales in the United States, set the AVSwitch as its best-selling console in September 2017, but said the PS4 was in the top spot in September 2018 and that the system must be owned by no doubt. Spiderman It is a kind of point.

Fils-Aime is not involved in my data because it shares better information. "In the US for the first 12 months, the Nintendo Switch has always been the best selling system," he says. "Beyond the Wii, surpasses the current competitive platform and outperforms all historic game consoles and bestselling platforms. Our goal is to continue that trend and we are proud of our results compared to the current competition console on the Wii I want to get out of the holiday. "

I ask what could have been better during the first nine months of the year. The next is a rare concession. "Did I like what I saw? Smash Brothers. Will it launch early this year? exactly. Release in early December is difficult. " smash. The December slot, which Nintendo gave to the niche market last year, eventually sold 1.5 million copies Genoble Red Chronicles 2. "It's challenging from a business perspective," he says. "It is challenging from a retail point of view." Nintendo will not miss the opportunity to pre-order, unlock season passes and bonus fighters.

"But the pace of growth we have, our ability, Fortnite Our ability to system Diablo III In the system, Wolfenstein, You've seen fairly strong third-party support. When you see very strong independent community support, I believe when you and I reconnect in January when we see our performance for the first 22 months. In its lifecycle, I believe that we will be exceptionally proud of the results of what the Nintendo Switch could do in the United States. "

Okay. I get it all. Nintendo's pitch is higher than it was a few years ago. Fils-Aime looks overly optimistic about Nintendo's second year, pushes the switch and holds 3DS and 2DS. That's his job. He does not have a lot of games to sell, but he will easily boast next year and his goals are easier to achieve. It's time for a brand new brand. Pokemon Sell Crossing of animals Maybe there are other mega games. I will have to find something else that is different from him.

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