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The president of ZPC received $ 1,000 from Chivayo – Nehanda Radio.


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Former Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) board chairman Nyasha Kazhanje was taken to court yesterday, raising personal interest in a deal with Intratek Zimbabwe owned by jet-set Harare businessman Wicknell Chivayo yesterday.

Chelsea to Chiba
Chelsea to Chiba

Kazhanje, head of Terminal Engineers, was supposed to have received $ 10,000 from Intratek and favors Chivayo when it was difficult to deal with ZPC.

Kazhanje was reportedly rejecting himself at the ZPC meeting, which was decided to pay the subcontractor despite not fulfilling its obligations without terminating the Intratek contract.

Yesterday, Kazhanje appeared before Harare magistrate Elisha Singano was charged with criminal abuse of office.

Singano detained Kazhanje on November 27 with a bail of $ 100.

He told Kazhanje last Friday to the CID Commercial Crimes Department on Thursday that he would submit his passport to the clerk of the court without interrupting the witness and reside in the address he sent to the police. ZPC has signed an engineering procurement and construction contract for a 100-megawatt photovoltaic project with IntraTech, while the situation surrounding the case is still being chaired on October 23,

From December 11, 2015 to January 20, 2016, ZPC has paid Intratek $ 1 263 154 for the project.

However, the state insisted that management had proposed termination of the contract because IntraTech did not fulfill its obligations.

Under unclear circumstances on January 21, 2016, Kazhanje received $ 10,000 from his CBZ bank account in Intratek on his personal Barclays Bank account.

As Chairman of ZPC's Board of Directors, Kazhange held a resolution meeting that ZPC should provide services directly to Intratek subcontractors instead of terminating the contract.

This caused ZPC to pay $ 4 387 849 in advance, even though IntraTech did not fulfill its obligations.

The subsequent resolution, which decides not to terminate the $ 10,000 contract with Kaja Yee, has raised reasonable suspicion that it has been affected by this payment to make a favorable decision for Intratec.

By doing so, the State argued that Kazhanje had not declared any interest in the appointment as the ZPC chairperson.

Chivayo, who is proud of his relationship in a high office, has been under pressure to protect power deals with power utility Zesa Holdings and its subsidiary ZPC in recent months.

This was after IntraTech was found unable to deliver the contract.

Among these deals, Gwanda Solar Project was awarded a bid of US $ 200 million.
Chivayo, who seemed unavoidable over the last few months, was proud of his first class flight and reported that a mass of US dollars had popped up on social media and said he had $ 5 million ahead of the launch of the project.

The businessman often photographs with senior officials such as President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice President Kembo Mohadi, officials of Zanu PF. Daily News

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