Tuesday , January 19 2021

The first SUV of the brand begins to undergo real world testing.

If James Bond has settled in and started his family, this is his ride.

The British brand, renowned for its desirable sports car, finally succumbed to the inevitable and will form its first SUV.

Formally, an SUV named Aston Martin DBX is only a prototype at this stage, but Aston Martin started the actual test before the world debut at the end of next year.

Aston Martin joins Bentley, Porsche, Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini to build SUVs and move away from core customers to new customers, especially China.

DBX began testing the rough and tense Welsh rally phase before heading to the Arctic and desert for torture testing for cold weather and hot weather. The final stage of the test is to fine-tune the dynamics of the vehicle at the Nurburgring track in Germany.

SUVs present a number of challenges for brands. This is the first time a manufacturer has tested a vehicle under proper off-road driving conditions and is evaluating traction capacity, two tasks that are not normally assigned to a two-seater, drop-top sports car.

Matt Becker, chief engineer at Aston Martin, says, "We have already developed and tuned the DBX in the driving simulator, which allowed us to make excellent progress before the first real prototype car was released," he said.

"It's always important to put the first real mile on the initial prototype. As engineers, it's really interesting to get a feel for the car you're making.

"DBX is a very different kind of Aston Martin, but it will be tested on all conditions and on all terrain to give the wing badge a good driving experience," says Becker.

DBX will be built in the company's Welsh plant, home of electric vehicle production, within the next few years. This can point to a future biography of DBX.

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