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Tesla Enters' Whistleblower Hell – The Drive

On Friday, July 19, Tesla whistleblower Karl Hansen signed a civil litigation in Nevada against Elon Musk, the company and others for wounding Sarbanes Oxley Act, Intentional Interference with Business Relations, and Breach of Contract.

Hansen, a former senior researcher for the federal maritime committee, found that continuing research on former colleagues meant that "whistleblower hell" soon had "production hell" and "service hell" in the Tesla lexicon – not only in references to referrals of retaliation against whistleblowers, but in & quot; talk of conversation with the company.

Comment on comment, Hans Hansen heard:

"It is a long time to get this point, and I keep quiet fishing according to all monetary results. The only thing we are guaranteed to take on our graves is our name. I have a career of integrity and will not be foolish standing, when everyone's like Elon Musk is rummaging over others, he's a billiard. "

Speak to his experience in & nbsp; ten months & nbsp; that & # 39; s up until & including & # 39; a trial, the add-on of military service:

"Although this has been and remains one of the greatest experiences of my life, it is important for people that it is good, even if it means it is only. If you are in & Stay the arena long enough, even by yourself, people will see, and the right people will acknowledge and support you. "

(Referring to support, Hansen initiated a GoFundMe campaign in June, depicting the platform in two other Tesla developments of the past week. Twitter used Skabooshka, against whom Tesla's request for a temporary head free fall, before a GoFundMe campaign to earn their legal costs, and two of Lora Kolodny's main topics investigated July 15, report on work situations in Tesla's open air exhibition – Maggie and Carlos Aranda – have also set up a GoFundMe campaign.)

A Tesla representative was contacted for comment on Friday but did not respond to publication time. If the company is chosen to respond to, its response will be recorded.

Problematic Pattern

Include Hansen & # 39; s claims that Elon Musk, by Tesla, caused his subsequent employer to earn him, and then relinquished his position, abolished his work relations (Counts I and II).

At the risk of & nbsp; misinterpretation of & # 39; however, a sheet looks at the ratings & # 39; you request & # 39; & # 39; A national member state meeting was postponed in June for a contract from employees at Tesla's Buffalo factory, which the company was interested with former employees to find work. Insider company puts the changed fun, where the plaintiffs say that Tesla "is dedicated to trying employment with other employers in recompense for public representation".

In Groningen III, Hansen further called the Musk and Tesla management actively concealed and participated in compassion, including specialization in collaborative work, is also mentioned in the named Buffalo case – uncomfortable contracts, and virtues are organized by organized crime .

Sections 16 to 19 of the case law identify days between $ 37 and $ 150 million, along with links to a Mexican drink cartel. (A year later, Pablo Escobar's brother asked $ 100 million for cash or Tesla shares from Musk to earn his flamethrower idea, but the Escobars are Colombian.)

In paragraph 22 Hansen, a Tesla worker expects to be terminated following reporting of $ 13,000 deaths from copper wire to legal action, as long as Hansen's closure of the company shortens to briefing on his findings in criminal activities fell (paragraph 23).

These cases of "boss of a messenger" are comparable to the obligation of a former Tesla environmental, health, safety and sustainability director to report on security notices and a previous obligation of & # The collaborative lines have reported that they are being reported after reporting anti-homo-nuisance.

More than recently, a court case was placed in a Nevada court in June, where the complainant, a former Tesla colleague, declared that a sexual attack was on a corporate building; that they are buying the problem for no occupation; and were later expected of their supervisors. The case law meant that after the client found personal phone numbers Musk & apos; s had postponed a text explaining what they did to them at work, they were terminated the next day.

While Tesla had the top-case responses, the company hasn't yet recorded in June. A business representative was contacted mid-June, but was sold a week later in time for some authors, so their response could wait. Next messages were sent on Monday and Wednesday of this week. (The publication of Hansen's tagging on Friday changed the content, publication and certain timing of this plotted article.) That all said, it is understandable that Tesla would & # 39; ; Elon Musk & # 39; and star power.

Whistleblower falsification mentioned in the high profile of Martin Tripp; After Tesla identified him as a source for an article from Business Insider, Tesla's Security Team gave a tip for getting an anonymous call that made Tripp's mass in the Nevada factory there. had worked. In that evening, when the police confronted the loyal, unmoved Tripp, he gave his terror to Musk; They say that Tripp had no threat, which meant that it was the victim of a & # 39; swatting & # 39; have been. Quotes from the above article Bloomberg,

"… as accounts by police, former employees and documents that make Tesla's own internal research product, Musk discovers to destroy [Tripp]. "

Messenger retrieval also followed an April investigation by Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting in Tesla security, which Tesla had shown to have interrupted wounds, due to the improvement of its security statistics. came under fire. (If found in paragraph 7 of the article, Tesla has no answer to Reveal's question for the story.)

One of CIR's sources means that shortly after their inquiries, a complaint was offered to them on the relevant medical board and an anonymous phone was placed on childcare services that destroyed their children and needed in a care for the child. state. The source trusted

"I'm not sure you know [what retaliation would come] that I would have made the same choice. I didn't mean to do everything in my life. I believed that I was reporting it and would stop anyone working with the workers. "

All incite every creation. The collective image she is painting is from a culture in which the thirds of bad news are required. And with Musk itself is not a micro-director, but a great big self-professional nano director, it becomes the challenge to argue that culture has been received without his decision, giving or instituting.

In exponential disaster Worth Curbing

In the light of Hansen's disclosures of research on other whistleblowers, even more such cases are likely to be superficial. Indeed, in recent years, experimental technology has increased not only in car production, but in legal agreements with Musk, Tesla, and their solar radiation, formerly called SolarCity. The table below is from

It would be wrong to see Tesla's legal docks, without even providing readers with context about other drivers. So here are links to's websites of historic legal dockets for Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Toyota Motor North America and Volkswagen AG.

At a corner, many recent additions to Tesla appeared as complaints of warrants that are not respected or contractors not being paid. One can hope that – except the baked-in & # 39; & # 39; whistleblower hell & # 39; comes from lawsuits that are based on Tesla & # 39; All actions so far – future suits can be limited to "more" financial conflicts like this, or ever more beneficial before the courts.

Tesla's employees, suppliers, customers, and many volunteers earn nothing less than for the business to come up with an example of ESG (environmental, social, administrative) principles. Although a trip needs a cultural revolution, the payoff of "ESG heaven" would make it a business in & # 39; A run from the background can leave its "whistleblower hell" days.

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