Sunday , May 28 2023

Teen driver Sophia Floersch fractures the spine from fear horror Formula 3. Watch the video


Sophia Floersch of Van Amersfoort Racing suffered a terrible crash at Sunday's Formula 3 Macau Grand Prix. Shortly after this incident, Van Amersfoort Racing was on Twitter to declare that Sofia had a vertebral fracture. According to team medical reports on Twitter, her vital signs are stable. The 17-year-old car left the track and crashed into the safety net of Lisboa bend, right-hander of the Kia Circuit. Sophia was conscious and stable, but Japanese car driver Sho Tsuboi was also affected by the crash, but two photographers and a squadron were taken to the hospital. The case was recorded by a member of the audience.

The German teenager, who ran 16th, lost control at the straight-through contact and started the curve and bounced off Tsuboi's TOM racing car.

According to a medical report from the Macau Grand Prix to the AFP, the chief of the commander was caught in a broken jaw and another victim complained of abdominal pain in a poor liver.

Sophia Floersch, who provides up-to-date information about her wounds, said she would be taking her on Twitter and going into surgery on Monday morning.

According to the Post, injured F1 legend Michael Mum Schumacher. "I hope everything is okay after all these incidents.

Red Bull Junior's 19-year-old Brittany Battleton won this race in the legendary Macau Stadium, blessed by F1 great players such as Shumacher Senior and Ayrton Senna.

At least three people have died in the Macau Grand Prix.

British rider Daniel Hegarty died last year after hitting the barriers at Fishermen 's Bend during the Macau Grand Prix motorcycle race.

The Macau Grand Prix was killed in two days in Portugal by Luis Carreira and Phillip Yau in 2012.

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