Sunday , August 1 2021

Stop masses: Africa calls on SA politicians

The chronicle

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondence

ZIMBABWE's ambassador to South Africa David Douglas Hamadziripi and other African diplomats have invaded South Africa's government to assure SA political parties of influential declarations against foreigners for this ksenophobic attack.

In an interview, Ambassador Hamadziripi said Afro-diplomats had a meeting with South African government officials on Friday to discuss their concerns about Csenophobic attacks.

South Africa goes to the pollen on May 8 and fresh ksenophobic attacks resurrected in some parts of the Limpopo province and Durban in KwaZulu-Natal, recently, three people killed.

Ambassador Hamadziripi says South Africa is in the electoral season, African diplomats have been dealing with anti-migration funds that have opportunities for foreign-language promoters.

"The message is that we are in an election period and we, as the African diplomats, have calculated & # 39; government to guarantee political party leaders lacks the influence on "xenophobia's" statement that can often be called, "ambassador Hamadziripi said.

He said a Zimbabwean rookie attack was passing across the boroughs, while a Malawian man was also married to a Zimbabwean attack in & # 39; a recent xenophobic attack.

The ambassador Hamadziripi said that other people were psychologically influenced by the violent attacks they had as a result of some domestic affairs that lost their ownership.

He said the South African government was working together on the Afro diplomats agreed to create a Task Force to deal with xenophobic attacks.

"One of the things that were discussed in the meeting of the Friday is setting up a Task Force that members of the board consist of, among others, the International Relations and Cooperation Department and House Questions Department, African diplomats will also have an input in the Task Force's operation, "he said.

Ambassador Hamadziripi said the Task Force was expected to monitor the situation on a ground level with a decision to take pre-emptive action to prevent attacks.

He said the government of South African African diplomats was concerned that the security and security of foreigners were based on the neighboring borders.

Ambassador Hamadziripi said South Africans should appreciate the fact that foreign residents in the neighboring country also make a positive contribution to SA's economy.

"We must also balance this story with the fact that Zimbabweans and other foreign nationals also make a few contributions to this country's economy, where Zimbabweans and other foreign residents are paid this" & # 39; contributing in various sectors of the SA economy, "he said.

The ambassador said that Zimbabwe's concern for their papers is to be commissioned.

"Our message for all Zimbabwe concerns is that they have to be documents and respect the laws of this country and we will work with the South African government to ensure that our people live and live together with their neighbors," he said.

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