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Stony Mnangagwa warning challenge Chamisa – Nehanda radio


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President Emmerson Mnangagwa argued that Nelson Chamisa, the opposition leader, must appear before a probe to investigate the fatal August 1 shooting at Haral, where at least six civilians were killed.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa and opposition leader Nelson Chamisa
President Emmerson Mnangagwa and opposition leader Nelson Chamisa

The war with Mangagh suggested that Chamisa would not appear before the investigation unless Manganese and his agent Constantino Chiwenga were forced to testify on the murder on Thursday.

The young opposition leader was asked this week to appear on the committee next week following the testimony of an MDC militant group, Vanguard, who is responsible for the shooting on August 1.

Mnangagwa spokesman George Charamba said in the Daily News that Chamisa had similar powers to the court's powers, so there was a risk of serious consequences if he did not appear on the committee.

"He must know that the commission has the authority of the court. Chamisa must answer the commission's request.

"What is the relationship between him and the president? He has to exercise the power of subpoena … and act like a lawyer," Charamba said.

Chamisa addressed a press conference in Harare in an equitable spirit to call Mnangagwa and Chiwenga to answer the suspicions that he had deployed troops to the capital to suppress the August 1 violence.

"If they have to be fair, good things for the goose must be good, they must be able to invite Muang and, they should be able to invite Chiwenga.

"So we said that there was a stupidity in the committee because you can not invite Mnangagwa to report to him.

"Mnangagwa can not investigate himself because he is involved, I want to see if he invited Muangawa and why should I go alone if not invited?" Asked Chamisa.

The investigation was completed earlier this week after security personnel killed the army.

Guardian Commander Philip Valery Osibanda and police chief Advisor Godwin Matanga also criticized MDC and Chamisa for death.

In his ominous remarks, he said the military would soon provide evidence that he would not kill people on his fateful day. Instead, they heard a costume called Vanguard, a militant group linked to the MDC youth group.

Matanga also said police have temporarily suspended plans to arrest Chamisa for his ongoing political talks aimed at giving opposition leaders top positions in parliament.

This led Chamisa to blame Matanga used by the authorities to design his arrest. When the police work was to enforce the law, he asked more questions about why police officers would enter politics.

But Charamba denied that Mnangagwa attempted to "threaten" Chamisa to accept the legitimacy of the Zanu PF leader – Matanga added that the opinion was not related to the commission.

"Do not confuse the two unrelated questions. There is an investigative committee reporting on what happened on August 1, and the Zimbabwean Police (ZRP) is also in charge of enforcing the law.

"Matanga may have read the book on his own, but as I said earlier, the president proposed the architecture of the government without suggesting Chamisa.

"I think the police will not have political considerations before they arrest them, which is not happening now," Charamba said.

In a media briefing on Thursday, Chamisa said there was an attempt to use the extravagant means to put him in a "holy alliance" with Munkha.

"Looking at all the witnesses, there is no problem with Chamisa except for a few countries that are working on a scripted, well-choreographed narrative that says a citizen should not come to Chamisa but Chamisa.

"How Matanga speaks of agitation, Chamisa has been given a position, and therefore we are waiting. Why should law enforcement agencies undergo a change of political considerations?

"It shows that there is a problem of pushing me with forced marriage, rape marriage, rape. I want love, not rape.

"This is why I want to talk in this country, we tell Mnangagwa that these are the issues on the table, and we are ready to participate anytime," Chamisa said.

Munangagwa appointed a current murder investigation in September, investigating the death of August 1, which plagues the widespreadly welcomed July 30th peaceful national election to that point.

The seven-member committee chair is led by former South African President Kgalema Motlanthe.

Other members of the team are Lovemore Madhuku and Charity Manyeruke, former Zimbabwean Law Society (LSZ) former Vimbai Nyemba, UK Rodney Dixon, former Tanzania Davis Mwamunyange Director and former Federal Secretary Lovemore Madhuku and charity. Nigeria General Emeka Anyaoku.

The killing has been a big blow to Zimbabwe's hopes of recovering from the ruins of former President Robert Mugabe for years.

A shooting occurred after millions of Zimbabweans voted in polls to elect a new parliament and a president in November following a dramatic fall of power in Mugabe.

The election began in 1980 without Mr. Mugabe 's involvement, and the 37 – year – long rule was surprisingly over with his resignation of military intervention.

The election was also the first time that Morgan Tsvangirai, the main opposition party MDC founder, failed to fight colon cancer on Valentine's Day this year.

Political analysts said that the August 1 violence and the resulting deaths had a lot to do with the Mangtokha's quest to establish a cool relationship with the Xi'an government for years. Daily News

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