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Stefano Gabbana's footsteps were more than four times, from # 39; Synthetic Children to Injury & # 39; Selena Gomez


Wednesday was a great day for Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana. Hundreds of guests from the world were hit in Shanghai around The Great Show & # 39; To move, a fashion-extractor that has the brand a love letter to China.

The things, however, were quite different than the label appeared in a series of videos that received a Chinese model, while the illuminated Italian dishes such as cannoli and spaghetti with stickers, the many Chinese Internet users found; They were quick to encourage their women at Weibo and Chinese social media.

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Instagram-account diet_prada was the first to publish the market on Western social media, which was published a few hours later a private chat, and published a private chat between market- Founder Stefano Gabbana and an American instagram user who accused the market of racism.

Gabbana Instagram broadcast, she learned that China is a country of s ****. called a call for calls such as Zhang Ziyi and Chen Kun, were "show", and ultimately lead to the depreciation of the multimillionaire event.

The brand said that the account of the designer was hacked, but this was not the first time Stefano Gabbana and his smaller private partner Domenico Dolce found them in hot water by their loose tongues.

In 2015, in an interview for an Italian newspaper, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, both are homosexuals expressed their insurance for a child who grows with selfless parents and points out for children born under IVF as "synthetic".

Occupations such as Elton John were charged in the case. In an Instagram post, the British singer said, "How can I find you on my wonderful children as synthetic.?

"And ashamed of your righteous fingers in the IVF – a miracle that love of love for men is both justified and groomed to make their dream of children. Step by the way, just like your modes, I'll never be back Dolce and Gabbana #BoycottDolceGabbana. "

This summer Gabbana has no other than Selena Gomez, the # second most folks in Instagram. After the Italian Instagram account, The Catwalk Italia has photos of # the singer on the red carpet, Gabbana went on a surprising commentary, translated # 39; Italian reading â € "She's really ugly & # 39 ;. A-listers such as Miley Cyrus came to Gomez's Defense Councils like Law Roach and Karla Welch have known that they could use their customers again.

Gabbana also went on a year later, when he called Chiara Ferragni, probably the most successful fashion blogger, "cheap" on her wedding day. He turned to Instagram again to vote for his opinion Harper's Bazaar Ireland published an image of a blogger in her Dior hulk.

Last week, the blogger commented on the training of 'Shanghai show with a short, five-letter word: Karma.

Eventually, the brand got in their trouble with their advertisement campaign #DGLovesNaples, sold next to models in expensive Dolce & Gabbana colors with local Neapolitan or stereotyped farmers or pizza makers.

Instead of criticizing his critics, Gabbana was again in a restricted confrontation on Instagram, writing: "I'll never come to Naples to get you back Good guys, you are the Italians."

The same thing happened with a similar campaign in Beijing, the models of taxi drivers, garbage collectors and street lenders, a view that found too many stereotypes and disadvantages.

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