Wednesday , January 26 2022

SRC withdraws opposition from Streak case



Harare station
Former national team manager Heathstrick, who is pushing for the liquidation of Zimbabwe's cricket and debt-ridden organization, has another sarcastic behavior after the Sports Council withdrew its opposition from the High Court.

The Sports Commission, identified as the third respondent in the case, announced the opposition to the High Court last month.

However, legal representatives Gill, Godlonton and Gerrans said they have withdrawn the opposition.

Streak filed for an interim liquidation order from ZC after the association failed to reply to his and her staff's dismissal. $ 198 paid a membership fee of 695.77.

In a filing lodged with the High Court, Streak's lawyer ranked Kirsty Coventry, the newly respected youth, sports, arts and recreation minister, second to Zimbabwe cricket as the first respondent.

The Sports Council and the High Court are respondents in Sections 3 and 4.

However, on November 8, 2018, Gill, Godlonton and Gerrans attorneys at the Court wrote that "the third Respondent is pleased to withdraw the opposition's appeal notice without cost exemption on October 10, 2018."

Heath Streak's camp and ZC acknowledged that they both received a copy of the retraction.

Sources said the SRC had surpassed the gun when it entered the opposition.

"The person who did this on behalf of the SRC was not approved by the board, in fact, the SRC board was dismissed at that time, which means that the SRC is technically backing the provisional liquidation, I'm still waiting. "

Streak was exempted from his obligations in April this year, when Chevron could not play in the ICC World Cup next year.

Lance Klusener of Streak and South Africa hitting expert and fitness trainer Sean Bell and his former staff, including Zimbabwe, Wayne James insist the contract was "illegally" concluded.

According to the newspaper, Streak owes $ 128 762.95, Klusener $ 11 757.93, Bell $ 43 999.23, and James $ 14 175.66.

He also argued that the ZC board led by Tavengwa Mukuhlani was improperly constructed. His attorney GN Mlotshwa and Company requested Section 14 of the Bankruptcy Act (Chapter 06:07) to pursue the liquidation of the organization. We have also confirmed Petwin and Winsley Militala of Executor Trust Company as temporary liquidators.

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