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SEC will not support ETF to Market Manipulation: Jay Clayton

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) does not provide any green light to any ETF, which is used by various players, including Winklevoss twin, but SEC's chair Jay Clayton has previously been using the digital currency ETF in an interview with CNBC.

He was honored by merchandise, civil safety and centering, said Jay Clayton that he expected the brand to "better supervise and care" before the actual agreement for Bitcoin ETF.

It's a problem that should be addressed before I would be comfortable. "Clayton said to the Consensus Invest Conference in Manhattan."

While speaking to CNBC, he made great concerns about the importance of investing and said that the crypto market lack of add-on tools. It does not have any security tools or an hourly switching to prevent malicious and manipulative activities. He does not think that investing benefits with the fair assessment of the bitcoin price.

Address on the possible issues about ETFs, Clayton noted,

"What is expected of investor is that in action under the auspices that ETF makes sense and free from the risk of manipulation,"

The delay is, however, not a surprise, but it would be a decisive point for Krypto enthusiasts, who were used for ETF to go international. Speaking at the conference, Clayton Nasdaq and NYSE call "the addition is a great concern". He said;

The New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq have known as "surveillance" or systems that control, investigate and investigate fraudulent and manipulative activities on the exchange. "These types of protection do not exist in the meantime, which are 'digital money',"

Clayton wants to ensure that the ETF is approved, primary education must be safeguarded with better protection and with much conviction. In # Ask Glenn Hutchins, Silver Lake Partners to create the panel, Clayton complains

"We see what demands to make digital resources that criticize your head," continues, "We ensure that ETF is good and that it does not disappear."

In a nutshell, there were two themes marked in general conversation – a better way to cut an ICO and prevent the safety issues before approving ETF. He said the ICO should always be appointed as security. He goes further;

"If you offer a listing with a tick," you need to start with the mortgage you are offering with a security deposit "


SEC Jay Clayton will not be supported ETF without Market Manipulation has been approved

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SEC Jay Clayton will not be supported ETF without Market Manipulation has been approved


Securities and Exchange Commission is not offered a green light for each ETF, managed by various players, including Winklevoss twin, but SEC President Jay Clayton recently spoke about the digital currency ETF in an interview with CNBC.



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