Tuesday , May 11 2021

Scientists have discovered how to calculate and repair scrubs to fight cancer

Without T cells, the cells are responsible for fighting foreign cells, we humans are very vulnerable to disease. The T-cells themselves, however, are desirable on immune system surgery, dendritic cells, to find us and a flag to get rid of.

In cancer treatment or immunotherapy, this process is manipulated to get our own bodies to candle cancer cells.

For the first time, a research team of Lund University in Sweden developed a process of converting human skin cells into this immune system surgery, which can lead to safe immunotherapy treatment options.

Cancer cancer with the body's immune system is not an easy task. Sometimes cancer can cause dendritic cells in unusual ways and does not work well.

There is also the risk that your body can only handle the treatment.

By the emergence of immune cells from the body's own body # 39; A patient is the risk of acute abnormal decrease.

This process, called direct refinement, was recently published in the journal Science Immunology and is not only effective, but as soon as possible.

"From a normal range of skin we can cultivate millions of cells and impress dendritic cells in a process that takes nine days," said Filipe Pereira, the leader of the research team that was studying.

Not only are the restructuring cells that can store the body's body in cancerous cells, they may also be targeted by some researchers to seek specific goals before they are introduced into the body.

Cellulite immunotherapy is a relatively new treatment for cancer cure.

Better to understand the priorities of how our immune system function helps us to keep longer.

The study by Pereira and the team will eliminate improvements for treatment options and open new immunotherapy studies.

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