Wednesday , January 26 2022

Police, military conflict on shooting


"Our business people in the village are armed, and we can not say that the MDC's army, Vanguard, is also armed, so we can not say that we fired the protesters," he said publicly as to who shot the protesters. I'm finished. "

According to medical records submitted to the committee, a total of 22 victims were wounded and discharged, and six were killed by gunshot wound while one victim was shot and broke the pelvis and escaped by a 14-year-old runaway crowd .

Matanga told the committee that it was President Emmerson Mnangagwa who had deployed troops to help the overwhelming police and that he had the authority to use the army from the president.

Matanga said that if soldiers would shoot protesters, they would do so in good faith, saying protesters would riot and strike the city as a whole.

He said he did not arrest the opposition Nelson Chamisa for prosecuting the violence. He warned that he would arrest "soon" although he feared it could inflame the situation.

"He can be arrested soon, there is evidence, there is a document, crime is not rotten like meat, he will be arrested," he said.

However, Commander of the Defense Ministry in Zimbabwe, Philip Valerio Sibanda, was ordered by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga to dictate the soldiers, and said he was not ordered by Manangagwa.

"I sent a letter from the police chief to the Minister of Home Affairs (then Obert Mpofu), the letter from the Home Secretary to the Minister of Defense (then Chiwenga), and the letter from the Secretary of Defense called for the help of the army. I assumed that there was verbal communication, and I received a verbal order from the Minister of Defense to help the police, "he said.

Shivada also said that the MDC's young man, The Vanguard, was hiding behind the shooting because he pointed out that the National Security Intelligence Agency had weapons.

"It would have been out of our mind to shoot a protester while international observers and foreign journalists were watching," he said.

Sanyatwe asserted that from July 10, MDC would not be able to govern the country and that he had prepared a plan to seize the state house and strategic government buildings, including Munhumutapa, Zec headquarters, did. Rainbow Towers and overflowing Zanu PF office.

Sanyatwe deployed 10 armed police officers at 8:01 am on August 1 to use information to anticipate major attacks and defend the strategic area.

When the violence began, he deployed 62 soldiers and 16 policemen, and police and judges said they were able to restore the law and order within 90 minutes, and 167 police said they did not do much better.

He said his tactical team did not fire on the protesters because all the army ran away while watching the trucks rolled, except when the soldiers were threatened by bold protesters in the MDC ranks.

"Despite changing from protesters to bullies, we fired foam guns because it is a rule of thumb not to launch to unarmed civilians.

Sanyatwe ignored Ncube's claims and claimed that police officers violated the law by losing the plot and hiding in the office and waiting for protesters to rescue them, disobeying his orders.

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