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One and Only Smashing Continents and Islands can result in & # 39; s Study

Scientists from the University of California have postponed why the Earth is looking for the Ice Age every million years.
According to researchers, this rejuvenates as tropical islands and volcanic owl continents
arcs. Apologize for continents and islands in & # 39; the times of the earth.
Earth's Default Climate
The climate of earth has largely been decided by the amount of carbon dioxide
we have in an atmosphere. Kato-dioxide hits the heat and warm the globe.
These days, the carbon dioxide levels are higher than the planet's & nbsp; in & # 39; The last three million years has, which is due to fossil fuel from the Industrial Revolution. Nevertheless, the earth has found an ever-changing climate in the past, which is just normal for our planet.
Thirdly, from the last one billion years, the earth saw a beautiful climate. It was so called that there are no glaciers at all times. Well, scientists knew
Six Ice Ages in time, with two of them so heavy that they turn the earth into one big snowy.
Free Interludes
For a long time, scientists have been amazing about what caused the stuck changes in the Earth's climate millions of years ago. After completing a study, they have discovered that the Ice Covers have the consequence of having & # 39; ground masses with volcanic coils & # 39; the tropics disappeared.
This event causes what scientists call "global cooling", which brings up a glassem climate with great ice caps. It is part of the program of the Earth, a balancing action between carbon dioxide & # 39; e volcanoes and the carbon dioxide associated with chemical reactions with stones.
The earth has a long running headquarters program, "says
UC Berkeley's Nicolaas Swanson-Hysell, an assistant professor of earth and planetary science, studied with Francis Macdonald, a professor of the Department of Earth Science at UC Santa Barbara.
"We know that these processes balance the climate of the earth, but determine which links between non-glacial and glacial climates at millennial scales is a long puzzle."
Carbon Sequestration
Carbon sequestration is the natural answer of the Earth to balance the carbon dioxide in & # 39; the atmosphere. Over geological time periods, such grainfields will be repeated, but it is very slow and its potential is still in the next million years or so.
Such a phenomenon is already in Indonesia
, as parts of & # 39; Countries have been sent back to the mountains at Australia's northern margin. The scientists believe that one day will collide the two soil masses, resulting in another ice age.
The study was published
on Thursday April 11, 2019, in the online scientific journal Science
, led by Nikolaus Swanson-Hysell and his teammates Francis Macdonald, Oliver Jagoutz of MIT, UC Berkeley-graduated Yuem Park and Lorraine Lisiecki of UC Santa Barbara.

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