Thursday , December 9 2021

No more Nexus, no files, nesting available


Google update: Nexus, no file transfer, nesting available

Google update: Nexus, no file transfer, nesting available

Today is The day we gathered a lot of information about Google and its major companies and did not include them in the main press, and briefly about them. You're welcome. If you want to know more about Google, bookmark it here.

This time, Google's sensitive product name changes will not slow you down. Files Go, the official file manager for Android (originally for Android), is Google's own creation and is currently being promoted to the leading Google product family by Google. The same app. Same UI. New name.

At this week's developer conference, Google admitted that there was a doubt. Admitted that much more battery is needed on a darker background than on a darker background. So this love for dark themes is not bad. In fact, at full brightness at which video plays, dark themes can save up to 43%, while blue filters can save 63%. More and more Google apps are getting dark themes. I hope Android Q will include the entire system.

Recently, Nest can go back to Google's wings (arf) and move on to greater reintegration. Discussions on brand reform continue, and if they do, they will not even bet under the Google Home banner.

Before this week's vague announcement of Samsung's folding phone, Google confirmed that Android is officially supporting folding products. To celebrate this event, we created a new category on the Google Store. Nothing yet.

It's finally time to say goodbye to the Nexus range this week. For those who can not remember two years ago, Nexus devices were used by Mummys and Daddys prior to Pixels. The last software drop of Nexus was sent this week. Nexus is the end of life with a full range.

We're done. Until next week. μ

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