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No man or woman: why & # 39; t Marisa & # 39; somewhere in & # 39; will be & # 39;

Marisa Rivas always felt pleasant living as a woman, but she didn't call her as a man either.

Last year, Rivas, 30, a college admission coordinator in Los Angeles, had a mastectomy. This year, Rivas began with scholarly-neutral "she" and "their" pronouns.

Afterwards, Rivas joined the Los Angeles LGBT center in West Hollywood in June to talk to a doctor about "low dose" testosterone, known as a "microdosing".

Rivas hopes to realize a sharp jawline and a more androgynous physique without open male features like facial hair.

The goal is an appearance that is not clear or masculine.

"I still want to be in the middle of," Rivas said.

Hormones microdose is of growing interest in some non-native people, such as Rivas, who have designed their bodies masculine in subtle ways.

There is not much research into the prevalence of any technique, but doctors who treat transgender and non-Bavarian medicine should meet the needs of & # 39; People consider them to change their bodies without being medically complete to the opposite sex.

Marisa Rivas, who identified it as nonbinary, takes testosterone with low dose.
Marisa Rivas, who identified it as nonbinary, takes testosterone with low dose.Image: Jim Seida / NBC News

"There is this type of transmission with transgender people that everybody needs surgery and everybody needs to get hormones to become" & # 39; as & # 39; women & # 39; possible – and that's just not true, & # 39; said Dr. Tri Do, an intern and assistant professor of medicine at a University of California.

Nonbaric lawyers call for a wider definition of medical transition than more Americans identify outside the binary. Fifty six percent of "Generation Zers" – those between middle & # 39; A nineteen-year-old and the early 2000's used to know of one gender-neutral pronoun. And more than a third of nearly 28,000 adult respondents to 2015 U.S.

Transgender Survey, the largest survey dedicated to trans-human experience, reported that they were not non-binary or gender wise.

Not all non-biological people seek medical transition, and it is not certain how many medical systems in the United States typically only have sex with their birth.

But for those who want to switch to a more gender-neutral action, micro-dosing is an ever-visited option. Several YouTube videos that did not describe the experience gained thousands of views.

Doing so, since 2001, it has handled weapons guns, says it starts all paths on lower hormone doses to give it time and find a comfortable dose.

Empty doses have the same effects as higher doses, but it takes longer to develop these effects – broader muscles and facial organs in case of testosterone and elevated body in the case of estrogen.

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Marisa Rivas has lunch with wife Candace Lopez at Casa La Dona in the middle of Los Angeles.Image: Jim Seida / NBC News

The results of a given dose can vary greatly by person due to genetics, he said, and patients often ask to switch to higher or lower doses as they see changes in their bodies – or, in rare cases, may choose to completely stop hormones .

For Rivas the vocation is simple: a feeling of control.

"The thing about microdosing is that it's such a little time that if it doesn't matter what I can do, I can always stop," said Rivas, who's learned about microdosing by an essay published on Vice in April.

"And if it is, then I feel more, then an option."

In turbulent travel

Mikah Rajunov, 33, editor of the book "Nonbinary: Memoirs of Gender and Identity", began victory in 2010, though it belonged to the word "nonbinary".

Nevertheless, Rajunov, a doctoral student at Boston University, was a small understanding of what it meant to be a transgender, but did not see him as male or female.

After a mastectomy in 2011, Rajunov visited a few YouTube videos that were viewed by people who were on low-dose testosterone and decided to try it.

Rajuov described the trip to find the correct testosterone dose as "turbulent". Rajuov's doctor was not sure what dosage they were employing, and expected exactly a higher amount than Rajunov. Rajunov is somewhat of the effects – including a profound voice – but does not have much growth in facial hair.

Micah Rajunov "srcset =" 320w, -244966 / 9b54768316798f04b8bcfe2a0c0837e2535bebbf.jpg? Imwidth = 375 & impolicy = sevennews_v2 375w, 414w, https: //images.7news publication / C-244966 / 9b54768316798f04b8bcfe2a0c0837e2535bebbf.jpg? imwidth = 640 & impolicy = sevennews_v2 640w, 650w, publication / C-244966 / 9b54768316798f04b8bcfe2a0c0837e2535bebbf.jpg? imwidth = 768 & impolicy = sevennews_v2 768w, jpg? imwidth = 828 & impolicy = sevennews_v2 828w, /C-244966/9b54768316798f04b8bcfe2a0c0837e2535bebbf.jpg?imwidth=1024&impolicy=sevennews_v2 1024w "sizes =" (max-width: 767px) 95vw, (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 1020px) 50vw, 650px
Mika RajunovImage: Chloe off from "series outside and inside"

Everything seemed to be too successful, Rajunov said.

"I stood still for a while, I felt like men looking for me, and I picked it up again," Rajunov said.

Ravenov moved to a new doctor in 2013 who helped Runaway get a dose that worked – about a fourth of what would be considered normal.

"If I end up with more masculine changes that make me uncomfortable, then I would stop, but it wasn't at that point," Rajunov said.

Rajunov, who calls a resource blog for unsustainable "", has responded to thousands of non-non-native people's emails seeking & # 39; support affiliated with it.

Roughly a third of those people who are interested in learning about microdosing and how to find your knowledgeable responsible medical care providers, Rajunov says.

As trans and non-native people starting their births come to terms, they are usually presented hormone blockers to underline natural testosterone levels.

But not everyone is interested in making blockers, and some can be found on lower teachers, in order to achieve a more non-biological appearance.

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