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NI Paper Review: Open champion is the headline

Previous page of the Daily Mirror Monday, July 22, 2019Image copyright
Daily Mirror

front page of the Newsletter on July 22, 2019

New crowned British Open Campaign Shane Lowry is the masterpiece of every month of paper.

The County Offal golfer named his first big win at The Open in Portrush on Sunday.

He scored the top points in style, winning a six-point win, on 15-under-par.

The 32-year-old, who received the bad weather conditions, described the win as an "out-of-body experience".

  • Lowry determines firstly with Open win
  • Although Lowry became Pied Piper of Portrush

"Shane's Travel Championship" reads the Newsletter headline.

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Shane Lowry with the clear-hearted trophy when he runs his win

Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror reads "Happy as Lowry" and has a picture of Lowry with his wife Wendy and daughter Iris.

Belfast Telegraf reports that the player paid tribute to his caddy, Bo Martin of Ardglass in County Down.

He said the 46-year-old "remained on his back and kept holding in my ear to help him keep his cool."

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In & nbsp; the only village in the tournament, warmings were hardened

The Irish News spoke to Shane Lowry's father, Brendan, who said, "I was 60 last Friday, so he did me the thing and said" Happy Birthday Dad ".

"What to do about the British Open in Ireland, you can't dream it, and in Portrush, it's just as much as it is," he said.

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Karen Bradley joined Northern Ireland Secretary in January 2008

& # 39; Unrestricted push & # 39;

In other news, the Belfast telegraph then reports back to the state secretary to "get crisis-hit schools".

The paper declares that a Westminster commission recommends that Karen Bradley increase the educational budget and set up arrangements that have been abandoned by the meeting before it was set up in 2017.

The Northern Ireland Committee has said that current subsidy is an "unmanageable pressure".

Simon Hare, MP, who dumps the commission, also told teachers in Northern Ireland: "Earn payments as representatives in the rest of the UK".

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The Northern Ireland Committee has published a report on training funding in Northern Ireland

A spokesperson for the Department of Education said that the publication of a commission report was welcomed and "will study all conclusions and recommendations".


"The" victims "have to" read "the Newsletter read.

A number of groups of NI victims made the call, where Judith Thompson has no "trust or trust" from reporting it to them, reporting the paper.

They confess their perceptions about the problems of retirement differential of their own.

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Judith Thompson says the government doesn't "manage this traffic at & # 39; away"

Last week, Ms. Thompson said she was benefiting from a pension for everyone who's badly injured, including ex-paramilitaries.

A response to the resignation talks they told the paper: "I will continue to communicate with politicians at Stormont and Westminster, the perceptions of all victims and survived as my legal duty".

Weather – Agrarwetter

The Irish News Reports have generated advices regarding DNA evidence that do not lead to a murder belief in an ex-RU official.

Cyril Stewart, 52, was killed in March 1998 by two Irish National Liberation Army (INLA).

He was killed for his wife when they left a super market in Armagh.

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In the context of & gt; a Guten Friday chord, paramilitary prisoners from both sides of & # 39; a community was entitled to free release

Barry Morgan got a murder right at the age of 25, but was later abandoned under the Good Ocean Convention.

Morgan's solicitors suggest that new DNA motions suggest that Morgan was not one of the people involved.

The evidence has been presented to the Commissioner of Criminal Case Review.

It says the case is "in quality and we see a number of issues like recent services".

In 2001, Neil Sheridan, 29, was also convicted of murder. He was found in his cell in 2004.

Venomous Octopus

A Northern Irish man held a lucky resignation, after he had a deadly octopus on his white arm in Australia, according to the Daily Mirror.

John Paul Lennon, from Nijry, County Down, held a Blue-Ringed Octopus in Bundaberg, Queensland.

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The octopus may be small, but it is very dangerous

The 24-year-old movie was filmed with the creature, which is very hollow.

"My family is just glad I didn't hurt," he told the paper.

By painting now maybe Lennon says he is glad that the awareness of people has risen, that she does not repeat his error.

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