Friday , January 21 2022

NASA scientists now know where to look for life on Mars


NASA recently announced that the landing site for its latest Mars rover named Perseverance is the best location to discover signs of past life on the Red Planet.

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Researchers analyzed images created by Perseverance of the landscape of the Jezero crater where it came from. Before perseverance came, researchers speculated that the crater was once home to a large body of water fed by a river. Now, according to a recent paper, the suspicions of NASA researchers were correct, as some surrounding rock formations clearly show that water was about 3.5 billion years ago when Mars’ climate was much more forgiving.

Researchers behind the study compared the images of Mars rock formation with what we usually see here on Earth, and the similarities were surprising. A river system that fed a lake was suddenly slowed down, causing the suspended sediment to form a delta. With evidence that water is present in the past, researchers hope that the rock samples will show evidence of past life present in the area.

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According to Sue Horne, Head of Space Exploration at the UK Space Agency, “We are about to enter the most exciting time in the exploration of Mars. Soon, the dream of exploring specimens of the Red Planet will become a reality, as the Sample Fetch Rover locomotive system will be tested next month.

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