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Mummy left to fight for life, after & cat;

A man died after developing a deadly meat-eating bug then she got crushed by a tight cat.

Moira Brady, 45, developed MRSA and Streptococcus A, which can cause many bacterial infections, after they climbed through a feline into their garden.

Moira says the problem has "destroyed" her life by losing a finger from her left hand.

Doctors told them happily to live – it is likely that the infection was killed if she did not have medical attention.

Her kidneys start to close when the infection is wide.

Moira, 45, lost a finger through MRSA

Moira, from Glasgow's Baillieston area, has been in the Royal Force for a month and has two skin pads on her arm and needs a lot of surgery in & # 39; e future.

She said she was scared by a cat – possibly out of the way – fighting with another feline on a trampoline in her garden.

The bastard tasted like they were trying to make it.

They didn't think of & # 39; crashing & # 39; some time, but it had given her skin and days later her hand swelled and one of her fingers remained blue.

Moira, who has two daughters, said: "They asked me if I were with animals.

Wall-to-door Moira has left with serious injuries

"The doctors had to take half of my finger down and took the rest of it off.

"The infection just passed through my body.

"They saw that I had died or lost my whole hand.

"The surgeon stayed five and a half hours after his turn to preserve my life and I had to have a blood transfusion.

"He said to me: I was very happy.

"The amount of people I & # 39; ve talked to when I & # 39; t believe it came to & # 39; you get a cat scratch.

Doctors say Moira is happy to live

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"It's been destroyed my life, I can't do it everyday if it's eating an oven."

Dr. Emilia Crighton, public health advisor and Head of Health Services Section, NHSGGC said: "If it is just a scrub, the area is clean and only medical attention is sought when it is infected.

"If it is a factual bite and the skin is broken, I would advise people to seek medical attention if the area could be injected.

"Your own GP or local pharmacy would be the first, easy to reach, point of contact."

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