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Mthuli Ncube says what to expect from the 2019 budget ** Pindula News


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In an interview with The Sunday Mail, Treasury Secretary Mthuli Ncube said that the 2019 national budget would be a balanced budget.

Ncube will announce its maiden budget this Thursday. He said the budget would convey a message of discipline. Ncube said:

There will be a balanced budget with enough carrots and proper sticks. It is better to eat more carrots than sticks because we want to recreate the environment of confidence and build confidence in the future. We want to make sure there are enough incentives in the industry and job creation. We want to regulate certain behaviors. We hope that the budget will convey the message of discipline. The idea is that we can ruin the economy when we move on to the next level as we go through the mantra that is open for business. We will move the economy to a state of medium income and the budget will become a means of enactment to achieve that vision, and we will continue with the next year and continue. The idea is to balance incentives and market discipline. In other words, there is enough incentive and sufficient regulation to stay in straight and narrow.

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Professor Mthuli Ncube is Minister of Finance and Economic Development. He was a senior economist and vice president of the African Development Bank, finance, economics, investment and public policy specialists, entrepreneurs and scholars. Professor Ncube shares his time in the private sector of Switzerland. Learn more about Mthuli Ncube.

Sunday Mail is a popular weekly newspaper publication in Zimbabwe. This newspaper operates under the Zimpapers brand. Sunday Mail was first published in Rhodesia at the time of the 1935 Colonial Period and operated by the Zimpapers branch. Sunday Mail

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