Wednesday , June 16 2021

Mountaineers knock on number 7 KU in last seconds

Morgantown, W.Va. – Trips to the WVU Coliseum have never seemed to hurt the Kansas basketball team, and the experience of Jayhawks against West Virginia on Sunday afternoon was no different.

Jermaine Haley's training in the latest sections was the winner of the victory-star Mountaineers, who win their first Big 12, 65-64.

Dedric Lawson came in from & # 39; an afternoon with his 12th double-double, with 15 points and 1 rebels for the Jayhawks (15-3 in total, 4-2 size 12).

Haley leaves the Mountaineers (9-9, 1-5), with 13 points.

Here's a quick refresh on some of the actions:

• The game expanded: The buzzer sounded.

The touring day arranges most of the first whole, with both teams struggling to find all the rhythms.

After KU bought it 13 times for the switch, and WVU has the part, with eight drivers, the two teams that & # 39; t end in & # 39; A large 12-position led to the sleeping room with the game at 23.

No-team could make a treaty in the & nbsp; of superior & # 39; a second half.

Luckily for WVU, college basketball games last minute only, and the mountaineers were in the lead at 0:00 o'clock.

Doing Marcus Garrett with a tab with 2:35, KU gave his biggest lead of the game. But WVU promised his one little more than a minute later, with a Wesley Harris 3-point and Derek Culver approach built a failed jumper by Garrett.

KU missed his last five prizes from a & nbsp; floor.

• Advanced highlight: In & # 39; the first half, the KU six fought in six & # 39; a first half and saw 37 percent of the floor in & # 39; For the first 20 minutes, the candidates from the Jayhawks did what kind of charts did not look too good.

However, as he did in & # 39; a week at the Jayhawks & # 39; at home over Texas at a great month, sophomore guard Marcus Garrett proved he can do more than defend and facilitate.

Garrett posted the rim of & # 39; e top of & # 39; the key through the first blown for a shot. When a few mountaineers succeed in a painting to perform Garrett, he jumped between them and shot the airspace so he needed to get his leak.

As a nice shot when you watch out of a terrible finish, as Garrett expands the right arm to the ball of & # 39; write a glass with enough English to try to write a bad store.

• Defensive highlight: Garrett & # 39; s advance and strong hands often came to KU at & # 39; s road.

In one grueling session that was characteristic of the first half, KJ Lawson found a 3-point and WVU great man Derek Culver hit the defensive rebound. But when Culver tried to match the ball to a leading teammate, Garrett spoke the appropriate lane for his third steal in the first half.

The heady sophomore immediately waited for KU's great-size David McCormack for a leak.

Garrett redirected it to & # 39; & # 39; a finder also diminishes, to help with a shot that he just missed with KU just another point on the road.

Garrett has 6 seats, three assistants and 15 points.

• Key state: Points in & # 39; do not paint.

Much of the afternoon was just as the yellow part of the WVU court was the only one to get any team shot.

WVU scored 20 of his 23 first-half points and beat the Jayhawks in those categories 20-16 in the first 20 minutes.

Kansas does a better feature from & # 39; a Mountaineers & # 39; a limited neighborhood in the second half. WVU scored 14 of her 42 second-half points in all of his painting art.

Final points in painting: WVU 34, KU 32.

• Next: The Jayhawks will return to Allen Fieldhouse on Monday July to take on State.

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