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Microsoft Color Connectable Deliverable Controllers

Microsoft's new Project xCloud game streaming can make its own miniature wireless controllers comparable to the Switch.


Microsoft has recently published a very interesting chart that gives some opinion about their upcoming streaming plans. The chart created in 2017 and published this month shows two two controlled controls that close from a storage base. The controllers are made specific to touchscreen devices, and gamers can often use every key to play games like the JoyCons of Switch & # 39; s.

This small and compact split control is a perfect fit for the new Project xCloud streaming subscription, which beams Xbox games directly onto on-the-go equipment such as phones, tablets and laptops. Playing full console and PC games on a phone is not really possible without a real-life controller, and this new periphery needs a separate mobile-optimized access alongside the service.

The chart itself is actually for a storage module, not two addiction controllers that combine with the JoyCon Grip, but the changing peripheries are clearly illustrated in multiple configurations. These controllers can have various ways of using a touchscreen device. There is a connection for improved latency, or wireless for guidance.

The document is technically correct and if any document is contained, it contains a massive number of permutations of the same idea; There are reports of & # 39; s controllers closed in & # 39; a side of current test screen devices just like the JoyCons on the side of & # 39; stand a Nintendo switch.

Please check below for a ton of info from the patent itself, and keep in mind that there will be no guarantee we will actively release the controllers. I think it's probably supposed that Microsoft launches a kind of mini-Xbox controller into a complex Project XCloud, but it can be quite different from what is here.

Patients do not always indicate a definitive product. Much of what is included is just there to cover all bases, and the last product simply uses a small part of the chart – if only one.



Abstract: A loading device for one or more input module for a calculation is described. The upload device consists of a upload mechanism and shares it & # 39; s to receive an input module. The charging mechanism consists of an input and a power production. The power input is set to receive external power and the power input is configured to determine one or more input modules that are modified to the load direction.

[P1[P1 is a schematic diagram of a system 100 that contains two deleted input module 104, which can be temporarily connected to a touch screen device 108 and provide input controls 114. 1, input module 104 is temporarily connected to a period of computing device 108 so it is very small or none of & # 39; are a display surface 120.

Where the screen device device 108 is a recreation device device (for example, a smartphone, tablet computer, etc.), the input directory is written to program that calculates the calculation and where the computing device is a period (e.g., a periodic system of the screen display) for a computer device (e.g., a touch-sensitive desktop computer image), the Encourage software that lets you run on this computer device.

Each input module 108 communicates with the computing device directly or through the other input module and uses this communication a wire-free communicative element (e.g., turning technologies, light, sound, etc.) within each input module 104. (e.g., if the user is interactive with the touchscreen device or if the module is not needed), the module 104 can be released from the computing device device 108 and stored until it is used by the user (e.g., the same computing device or other touch -screen device).



[P2[P2 consists of two additional parts 202, each of which is configured (such as form) to receive an input module 104; In other examples, a charging device can trigger a few or more than two attachments (thus receiving more than two input modules). The loading facility 200 also contains a storage mechanism (or arrangement) for loading the input module 104.

In the past, input module 104 was loaded on the drawer device 200 (via attachment ports 202), the drawer device 200 and input module 104 formed a single composer device 210. This has the effect that a user needs either one of the input module 104 or the reading device 200 and the compositing device 210 remain intact and move together if the modules and charging device are permanently connected together. The only composer device 210 may, in some examples, be a hard device and in other examples flexible (e.g., viable) may exist some or connections (such as between the charging device and an input module).

In various examples, the only composer 210 may include from the drawer device 200 and one or more input module 104 as a user input device (e.g., a game controller) for a computer apparatus (e.g., computing power device 108 or another computer device). The only composer device 210 can communicate through a cable-connected link (e.g., via micro USB connection 204) or a wireless link with the computer device. Where & # 39; s using a lost link, this can reach the latency (from input controls through input controls 114 to the computer device) and the power consumption of the composer 210.



[P3[P3displays a schematic diagram of another example manager device 200 that is associated with two input module 104 to connect a composite device 210. The uploaded device 200 consists of a powerful input 302 that derives power from an external source (e.g., from the non-electrical interconnect via a turn or shift power supply) and a delivery output 304 for each input module 104 that & # 39; t can be offered to the loading facility 200. The power input 302 and the output (s) 304 can be collectively referred to as drawer mechanism. The charging mechanism can also use a battery 306.

In use, the charging device 200 can charge the input module 104 (for example, the power source 305 within an external power input module 104) and / or the internal battery 306. For example, if the charging device 200 is connected to an external power source (via the input electrical input 302), the external power can be used to charge the internal battery 306 and the internal battery 306 can be used to input the input module 104 (through the provide power outputs 304 and power inputs 307) and any other active elements within the charge direction (e.g., processor 308, memory 310, input control 314, electrical communication module 316, sensor 318, output device 322, etc.).

Alternatively, external power can be used to supply input module 104 (matching battery 306) and internal battery 306 can be loaded, with internal battery 306 being used to deliver input module only in reception in the absence of external power . In other examples, battery 306 can only be used to view active elements within the charging port 200 (e.g., processor 308, memory 310, input check 314, electrical communication module 316, sensor 318, output device 322, etc.) and power & # 39 ; it is transmitted to the input module (s), can only be received by external force (received by power input 302).

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