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Mickelson wins serious PPV spectacle


Anyone who has been killed is a stone and prays to the Gulf God for a favorable role faster or at least ultimately realizing that there is no divine intervention in sport. The near misses the miracle makes many things about.

Or good, perhaps, is a Golf God, whether he or she has everything she tries to do to save us from the hell that was not needed by & # 39; the remuneration of the period of non-disappearance, & # 39; The Match: Tiger vs. Phil & 39; but the circles of what would have been the consequences would have been the result of an unreliable success – paying for any eventual possibilities.

"You know America, you see some really crappy golf," said Charles Barkley, who was not found, because he was a real reaction to the broadcast.

Since then, the first thing to do was to spend a whole hour in the game, and Barclays when it was overwhelmingly overwhelmed that he could beat Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson, we will handle three extra holes of forced cows about how uncertain would be ….

There were times when it was so heavy that you were prompted to go to the next Capital One to break the monotony. Yes, a commerce in the middle of a Pay Per View. Plenty of. But wait, there is more – with The Match, there was always more.

What if I told you, you can not just look Barkley and Samuel L. Jackson appears in a capital to one commerce, but then Barkley and Samuel L. Jackson sit behind a desk and break what it seems to be the Commercial One Commercial? Is what you can be interested in?

(SPOILER: Both men open that they enjoy being paid too much for movies for Capital One.)

This was not all bad, but it had a very painful moment, and not just for the engineers that could not do the web stream online. Twitter lights up with paid customers so they can not see what they have paid. The technical difficulties were so bad, the Bleacher Report began to offer it free, knowing the fact that some people were already ordered by the website and many others were through cable breaks.

Since some people get it free, then everyone pays a fee for what's in their wallet.

It is not that there was no value for the purchase. You have listened to Mickelson huff, puff and weep, while it seems. To put it out, Tiger spent most of the day in # 39; the strange man in the microphone. "Ugh, uh, I thought that the battle would be good." Yes, well, it was not.

This was a decent idea to a few things. First, Tigers and Phil did not set their own money, which meant that the $ 9 million winner-take-all pot had to come somewhere. As such, the costumes that you invented did this, they decided to sponsor fans, $ 20 a pop.

Tigers and Phil have a combined not more than one billion. You are less worthwhile. It felt like a casino and waiting for trade.

This would feel much better if it's just for free, or at least cable, television, a chance to see the sport on a massage in another way. This year's name was called Skins Game. Now it's just like an MBA discourse min. It was only rivers of product areas.

Not surprising, these two played with all intensity of two men who need later 9 million. It was just a few old rich men who had a nice haze to blame money they did not need. In other words, the most regular Tuesday games at Riviera.

There were a couple of pages that had been tense, but this event was sold and sold to be almost impossible to believe, or that their own money was placed on the line. One of the other would pick up the police-de-pin meaning. On back rats nine and the police – yes, it went 22 holes – no laws. It was just as they were about budget or all the other things were preceded by.

Even then, some of them were just absurd. At one point, they paid $ 100,000 if one or another wanted a jar. Phil then said that they wanted to add another zero, which sounds, unless they have succeeded and never come.

It had already been the drama of another Sam & Chuck on a golf course – "Have you ever wondered why they call it a bird?" Birds do not even have hands, how would they hold a club? "

OK then.

There were many pre-match hype about how both men would be sounded and the lusty barrier between them would be rivet and hysterical. It was not. Disappointed, when she reached the background, Tiger decided he wanted to win, he always had to talk to Phil always and began to focus on shots. Mickelson probably was not a big business.

"I'm trying to be more talkative, but I'm just not," said Phil.

First, this was not all bad.

The easiest thing in the world was not to wait, so it's not that innocent people were hurt. Shadow Creek looks as comfortable as it's rumored. It's still golf. Tiger's chip on number 17 was great. Shane Bacon was a standard on broadcast; He was pleased to speak with Phil and Tiger as just a body at end and listening. Plus, kudos to Ernie Johnson to try to hide the disorder in his voice, if he worked to make a gang sound like Jack on August 17.

And the social media weeks were good. The broadcasts should be used earlier than arbitrary prominent "fun" tweets great prize for the event and even the #TheMatch hashtag used. A cynic would say that a set-up and a cross-promotional chance were, but if you do not believe the editorial ethics of "The Match", what will remain America?

Yes, Justin Verlander does not talk again about the event or thing. It is another or Twitter users Summers37206 or as:

The PPV element, however, changed the spirit of it. The audience was bitter. They have paid, or paid if they do not have to, or keep their technology.

And then selling everything was just invisible and despised, as when riding on Disney World rides in a store, so you can earn even more money. Niets were really, maybe they might be because they played golf in loneliness in # 39; the middle of the desert.

And Phil and Tiger are just not coming. They enjoy what can become humorous – everyone laughs at what they say they are not, they're tasty, but because they are Tiger and Phil and you want them to be great or talk they are funny. Then they think they are funny.

It is as if Bill Belichick calls Facebook Facemask for the 1.746th time and everyone at the news conference lacks. It is a forgiving public. There are stormy stand-ups in L.A. bug in new material for crickets that stop hearing each other.

Usually this was a collection of features and safe plays. Even hundreds of thousands on line meanings are still in existence. They still have slots.

At one point Phil himself decided to look at the college football and the reported everyone to click.

At the end, it came to see if Tiger would go to & # 39; The 19th win will win even after Phil hit in a bunker. But then Tiger caught a punch.

"Where do we want now?" Frege Hout.

At a 93-yard par 3 was the "20Hole", which was a chip shot of a practical greenhouse on the 18th. In & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; t has been won & # 39; t in & # 39; a mill of sound was hit. The Moose Mountain Adventure Mini Golf Course in Mall of America has a better finish. The Road Hole was not.

They had to play a few times to get a winner longer. The first two times Tiger did not strike the green. Phil has never made a putt. Finally Tiger was agonized over a 6-f. Put he needed to turn it. If he miss, he would lose $ 9 million … by boasting a par 3, 93 yards. Remember that for a second.

Phil felt difficult and gave the putt. He keeps Tiger the ultimate humor. It was a pity party.

Phil won the next time Tiger missed a routine blow.

So, Phil takes over $ 9 million.

You skuld me 20 bonds.

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