Friday , January 27 2023

Life on Mars: The ancient city of the Red Planet is "100% proof" of the aliens. Strange | news


Conspiracy theorists have hunted NASA to prove that they are lying to the public about life on Mars. Now, one planet can show evidence of an ancient structure on a red planet. The images taken by NASA satellites rising above Mars appear to depict ancient structures and stone sculptures.

In a picture with special effects, the walls appear to be part of a fortress.

Scott C Waring, a prominent alien hunter, says that "it proves 100%" that it existed on a planet or that a planet existed.

He wrote on his blog UFO Sightings Daily: "Today we have found that there are many ancient structures on Mars photos. These structures are long and almost similar to walls, but long-lined buildings.

"I also found a face engraved on the top of the hill but it is too ancient, and some people may find it difficult to see the details.

"This is 100% evidence that ancient civilization once flourished on the surface of Mars and NASA does not want you to know about it," he said.

Skeptics and NASA (NASA) can see that the 'city' and other similar studies are merely the effects of pareidolia. It is a psychological phenomenon that allows the brain to see familiar objects or shapes of patterns or textures like rock surfaces.

This is not the first time that Alien's evidence has been found on Mars.

Claiming that the face of an alien was found in Mars's NASA satellite image earlier this year.

Waring was convinced that it would be a rock sculpture by a Martian race. In the same way that ancient Britons chalked the Cerne Abbas tycoon of Dorset and the hillside of Longman in Wilmington, East Sussex

But NASA claimed that the rock was only a meteor impact crater left unusual by erosion.

When NASA unveiled the image under the "Alien Head" subtitle, it said: "The image shows a collision crater of Chryse Planitia not too far from the Viking 1 landing site, which looks like a buggy head give.

"Two depressions (& # 39; eyes) at the northern end of the crater may have been formed by wind or water erosion.

"This area has been modified by the two processes that have caused a water event in the distant past through a flood in the west Chryse Planitia in Maja Valles and a common wind event in recent history"

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