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Kingdom Heart 3 Pooh Trailer Analysis


A new trailer has been released today at XO18 in Mexico City. Kingdom Heart 3. In this trailer, a 100 acre forest was first seen, and we saw the demon Baymax Big Hero 6, All kinds of small nods and references scattered.

The trailer began with a scene we saw earlier with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider on one of the better known scenes in the movie. haywire The sora and nose sitting on the dock overlooking all lanterns climb. From that, we have to see both Pooh and his friends in a 100-acre forest. The new boundary effect seems to have been applied to the character model at least for wide shots and has helped the character see more 2D in the 3D world. Shortly after we saw everyone grouped together, we got a close-up of Pooh and the effect disappeared immediately. This world will always be filled with mini games. Kingdom Heart, And we should see a mini-game of rabbits where the turtles are letting other fruits or flowers blaze into the fields that push the way to be harvested elsewhere.

It was nice to see everyone come back together, but coming next is really delicious content for people interested in the constant talk of the Sora, and as we yearned for January next year, we can conclude what is known as Xehanort Saga. . I will be going through these in the order of the trailer and give a rough estimate. The timestamp of the trailer on the trailer is what I see. Of course, the trailer image will continue, and some analysis based on knowledge. Kingdom Heart. If you are not up to this point or do not want to know more about the heavy trailer, try looking back now.

kh 3 trailer hayner and ansem sod

Maybe Sora will eventually need a flying kick?

0:26 – In the city of twilight, I saw the Heiner and the fence. The Dark Ansem Seeker is approaching the Old Mansion. Hayini calls out "Hey Loser!" Before kicking Ansem SoD. The last moment we saw the twilight city crew, Kingdom Heart 2The group has returned from the previous trailer, but this shows how the controversy relates to the current plot.

  kh 3 Trailer Analysis Yellow Eyes

I always thought about the original organization that Demyx would be too lazy to keep going to the top.

0:30 – Demyx tells you how Vexen (or Demyx's Humanoid and Even) and how your organization members are not something you can think of as friends. The interesting thing to note in this scene is that other members of the team are both sports yellow eyes, although Vexen does not have green eyes or Demyx does not have cool blue eyes. This is because the master Xehanort has put his dark essence into them or they have been hanging around in the dark for too long. The true organization 13 we still do not know is still a lot, but it could mean that we have got the same upgrade as Braig.

kh 3 trailer analysis Sora and chirithy

I am waiting for the traditional Square Enix passing through the invisible floor …

0:35 – In this scene, we see Sora talking to Chirithy, one of the Dream Eater guides originally created by the Master of Master. We believe that Chirithy Kingdom Heart is not tied X It's pretty big to see the interactions of the turtles. This Chirithy is also generally tied to people, so it is all speculation whether this person is exceptional or someone who is accustomed to following. The place where this conversation takes place depends on who interprets it because it is an endless horizon with Sora, who appears to be in the mirror.

Trailer analysis of the Caribbean 3 Pirates

Like the entangled trailer, there was a lot of effort in reproducing important scenes in movies.

0:41 – Here we see Captain Jack and Davey Jones fighting over Dead Man 's chest. This is a scene drawn from almost the end. Pirates of the Caribbean: At the End of the World. The last time we left Jack was when the plot of the original movie was over. Kingdom Heart 3 You can match the plot of the second and third movies to one.

We see the world once again. Big Hero 6 Then some mini-games from White Acre Woods.

1:05 – Back to the head scratcher, the footage here shows the sora in a white world filled with different versions. It is safe to assume that a skybox is all that happens in the same place, as we did when we were talking to Chirithy. Because Chirithy is a Dream Eater, we lost our ability to know that Sora was in her dream last time. To gain the power to wake Ventus, one of his sleeping moments, could mean another dive in his mind. Fellow writer Courtney Ehrenhofler even looked a bit like box art. Kingdom Heart: Dream Drop Distance At first, she encountered the eaters of dreams.

1:10 – Everything is really deep here. This scene shows the great battle between light and darkness and the enemy's boatload. Kingdom Heart 2. It seems that battle is taking place at Keyblade Cemetery. We can clearly see that there are both Sora, Donald, Goofy, Lea, Kairi, Riku and Mickey. Five Keyblade wielders have joined and now there are two of the seven warriors who need to maintain a true organization. You can see a shadowy and ruthless figure from an enemy nearby and an upgraded soldier. Nobodies are represented by Dusks and the scythe nobody, similar to the third form of Marluxia at the end of Sora. A chain of memories story. We also see a big enemy that boasts a symbol of Unversed. The presence of Bounders means that there is a possibility that Vanitas is around.

1:15 – Terranort is proud of the new Keyblade and confronts a slow will. For those who have never fought a secret boss Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Cruel will is the armor that Master Zenolnt left when he ended Terra's body. Birth by sleep. This armor was used by Terra to travel around the world and protect him from the darkness. But when Terra's body brought it, his will to resist the darkness remained, and now the armor is energized. Once again I was waiting at Keyblade Cemetery to fight Terranort and regain the body. This means Terra is the person who will eventually save Terra.

  kh 3 trailer analysis falling down

I have slept a sleeping lion, so you can not play.

1:17 – Here is a short scene where we witness many falling Keyblades. As the angle fell and the orange turns orange, Courtney was able to clearly see the Sleeping Lion Keyblade at some point with my help. in Kingdom Heart 2. We tried to figure out what else we could match. And while we were getting so close we could not find other things dead.

The true organization seems to be flying south in winter …

1:19 – Last but not least, True Building 13 stands on a stone building. We can see there are six members behind Xehanort. We can not judge by the faces or voices that can be seen among the crowd, but there are various body types. While Master Xehanort is looking for more members at the end of what we really know, Dream drop distance He then found them.

What do you think about the new thing? Kingdom Heart 3 trailer? Did you miss what I missed? Did you enjoy this analytical article? Want to see more? Please drop your responses in the comments!

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