Wednesday , October 20 2021

Kim Kardashian says she has been nervous at # 39; e & # 39; KUWTK & # 39; Watch


Kim Kardashian gave some surprising details about her past on the last episode of Hold with the Kardashians on Sunday night (November 25).

Kardashian spotted her infamy wild childhood with Scott Disick and sister Kendall Jenner, back then she was known for festive as well as social hobbies as Paris Hilton. After Disick's speech was that Kardashian once got high and went to Disney World, she added that her drug-building continued to go once more into the entertainment park.

"I'm married to ecstasy," said Kardashian of her first marriage with music production Damon Thomas. "I've done an excavation once and I'm married, I've done it again, and I've made a sex band, like everything that's bad."

"You were high on an ecosystem when you were the band," Disick asked in shock, probably referring to the innocuous video Kardashian made with Ray Ray in 2003. "Absolutely," said Kardashian. "Everyone knows it, my jaw shuddered all the time."

Despite her conversation, Kardashian makes it clear to Disick and Jenner that the "wild phase" of her late boys has gone down, and she realizes that she's not so much.

View the clip of Kim posted on KUWTK below.

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