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Kate Gosselin is just having 4 of her 8 children's books with her

Kate Gosselin may still have a presence on her television with her, Kate Plus DateBut we can't forget how the famous mother was famous over a ten year ago. Jon & Kate Plus 8 the real reality was that Jon & Kate Gosselin would look after her twins and six-strokes. Unfortunately, her relationship grew rapidly and ended in a dramatic divorce. Nowadays they can hardly stand it anyway, and the family is more divided than ever.

Currently, two of Jon & # 39; s children live with Jon, while six of & # 39; a child live with Kate. But Kate is trying to lose two more of her children in her family. Find out where the older twin, Mady and Cara, are left out.

Hannah was the first of the kids to start with Jon's full time

Although most of Hannah Gosselin's relatives live with Kate, she became the first to decide to live with her father in full. Back in 2015, E! Nijs said that Jon was trying to look for complete hannah care. Do's "Hannah's Jon and not all of his kids, brought in a source in" "a publication," Jon asks a police officer, because Hannah has said she's unhappy and uncomfortable in the home Kate [Gosselin]"The source said that Jon would have to live with all his children with him," at least he is helping Hannah. Out of the kids, they are the one who's having their trouble. "

We are still not sure if Jon Jon has the will of Hannah or if Kate still, but somehow, officially lived Hannah with young boy years. Distractify reports that a source told Life & Style that Kate was trying to support Hannah's choice, but it was difficult. "She's got Hannah Jean selected for her," the source said.

Collin now lives with Jon and Hannah as well

Although Hannah's situation fled under several peoples' radars, Collin Gosselin could publish his problems much more. Kate spoke about Collin as the tough child of my family, and gave them a set-up for special needs to help the child with his grim issues. When they told people "this was a fight we had a lot of time, and it is one that I have on my own. I just felt it all. By the same token, it is not something that only me has on me – our whole family is affected. "

At the end of 2018, however, Jon went for a Collin police officer – and for & # 39; t Kate did not benefit from & # 39; a court, he won the case. And it seems like Collin's relationship with Kate, because the holiday season left and lived with Jon cannot be. As a source, Radar Online told, "Collin doesn't want to see Kate, and so he doesn't. Kate hasn't tried to come out, because he left the installation."

Mady and Cara will go to college immediately

Cara Gosselin, Kate Gosselin, and Mady Gosselin
Cara Gosselin, Kate Gosselin, and Mady Gosselin | Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

Although Hannah and Collin no longer live in Kate's household, they are also losing two other children. Mady and Cara are the older twins that have helped Kate find the closest love of her life to Kate Jon & Kate Plus 8. Unfortunately for Kate, the twin will go to college in autumn.

"Mady and Cara have set up the ship in terms of applying to lectures; they knew what they wanted, and I trust them," Kate told people. "The same feeling will now take me into my fears when I think I'm going out of their way, destroying for themselves, only for the first time." Kate also mentioned that twin positions look at several colleagues. "Their ambitions are so different that they really feel, there is no one college that would totally answer what any of them wanted," added the mother of eight.

Kate's extremely emotional about her older girls who take her to school – and we ask if Mady and Cara have their work to earn their relationship with Jon. The time will tell.

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