Saturday , June 3 2023

How to find the 9 "secret" symptoms of diabetes you do not know


aKnowledge is power, according to Dr. Matthew Capehorn, clinical manager of the NHS Rotherham Obesity Institute, medical director of LighterLife and members of the Obesity Authorization Network. "Up to 85% of type 2 diabetes is related to poor lifestyles such as overweight, obesity, unhealthy food intake, and lack of adequate physical activity, all of which increase the likelihood of having dangerous visceral fat. (Visceral fat is a fat gathering around important organs.)

"Often people believe that diabetes means avoiding sugar, and it will definitely help the body that is having difficulty coping with blood sugar levels, but in type 2 diabetes it is more important to reduce the risk of visceral fat.

"For the first time in a few years, type 2 diabetes is difficult to diagnose unless it is diagnosed by a routine health screening program because it has no visible symptoms." Diagnosis often comes in the form of a shock: research by the International Diabetes Federation According to the study, until the time of diagnosis, many patients can increase insulin resistance by 10 years.

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