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Google to plug in to fix those & # 39; user detects it & # 39; private browsing

Google will determine a wallet to enclose places that are not in search mode in & # 39; Chrome release 76 before July 30.

In a blog post, Google explained that Chrome & # 39; s FileSystem API is disabled in the in-mode mode to prevent traces of activity on one of & # 39; devices. The wallet finds out that sites can check for the availability of a FileSystem API and, if they get an error message, determine that a private session will appear and give the user a different experience.

While most users enable to enable Incognito Mode to protect their privacy over shared or delivered devices and separate activities from browsing histories, Google understands that there are some issues.

"In situations such as political services or home abuse, people can have an important security right to conceal their web activity and their use of private browsing features," said Barb Palser, Google & # 39; s partner developers, news and web partnerships. They gave:

We want you to be simultaneously accessible on the web, with the assurance that your choice is private.

However, the hold is determined that some news referrals do not use the wallet to use less paywall coverage.

According to Google, in contrast to hard pay stores or registration weapons, those people are required to log in to view content, meters must use a number of free articles using available users to sign in. This model is "stored paws", so say, in the case of a page's sphere to follow the number of free articles that have been viewed, typically use cookies. Private changes are one of several tactics people who use to control their cookies and thereby reset the meter.

Therefore, since they use the FileSystem API to interlace insertion mode settings and ask people to log in or normal browsing mode, other solutions will be found. This includes increasing the number of free articles you can see before logging in, requesting your free registration to show or hide all content. By arguing that some people are always looking for employment opportunities, other places offer more than enough meters than a way to develop affinity between potential subscribers.

"We suggest that publishers check the effect of a FileSystem API change before activating measures, if any impact on user behavior can be different than expected, and any changes to a meter strategy will affect all users," not only those who use the Incognito mode, "adds Palser to blog post.

While the company supports meter-strategy stations and the goal of destroying metric capability, it distinguishes that any approach based on private browsing detects the principles of Incognito Mode. Google will remain "open" to find solutions that are "consistent with user trust and private principles", she said.

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