Friday , July 30 2021

Gone young Giant ready to divide into Ward's absurdity

JACOB Hopper is uninterrupted in the season, trusting the young Giant that he takes more responsibility in a midfield that will not be without Callan Ward for the season.

The 22-year-old has had a lot of start to this season, individually 27 divisions a game in the first month of the season.

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He gathers 31 in Giants & # 39; comeback win over Geelong on saturday at GMHBA Stadium, and joined his team of fortunate co-barber for almost all control to & # 39; s first in the first time with a knee injury.

It is a situation that will be used by the Giants, for the rest of the year it would have to be replaced by its predecessor of its previous league routine, which requires a sessionary operation.

Hopper, who also had some of his injuries in his time with the Giants and also before joining the club, told him that he now trusts his body to hang on to the ability of a full year.

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"I had so many housekeeping and injuries at the road. The past year was a good year where I got some rhythm, but I still didn't have a pre-season for that," he said

"It's a little difference with a pre-seasons and the feeling of good headline in a year, and not to try and convince me I'm fit and I have the work under my belt.

"In the past I was trying to make sure I did the work and I wanted to do a pre-season" I probably only had a maximum of 20 percent of the work. My body and knowing I was have done work and that I can give it all. "

The Giants victory Ward's absence against Geelong to advance their season 3-1 from "beating Fremantle in Canberra."

Ward also directed the team to the Cats for three years.

"We also look at him & # 39; s bank and he was in all kinds, so no one has, especially as love as" & # 39; Wardy & # 39 ;, that's what the group really has galvanized "Hopper said.

"Of course there is some responsibility in the midfield and the more minutes I can get there, I am only loving to get under you."

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Hopper is the end of a contract at the end of this season, along with a number of high profile players like Josh Kelly, Stephen Coniglio and Adam Tomlinson.

Hopper, was developed in 2015 at the club by the Giants & # 39; Academy, said his board in discussions for a new deal.

"I like a club and we are in some really good conversations with the club at a minute. I'm really settled in Sydney, and I feel good about the situation," he said.

"Sydney is a great place and I am really settled. Now my fourth year is now, I have made that group of friends, a few really good relationships and we have really strong connections."

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