Friday , April 23 2021

France owes Italy's ambassador on the evidence it is trying to capture & # 39; West Africa with & # 39; colonialist frank & # 39;

FRance named Italy ambassador to Paris after deputy Prime Minister Luigi di Maio who "conquered" the French West Africa by holding it in a colonial environment.

But by far the syringe is from & # 39; one end of & # 39; one end of & # 39; one end of & # 39; an end of Italy's end, the other deputy prime minister Minte Matteo gave Salvini the fuel & # 39; a fire by demonstrating that the security crisis in Libya had been secured for Libya for national profit.

In the latest deceptive flare set-up between the two offspring, Maio pointed to the CFA, the West African franc, still using different countries and the "he" called "Colonies".

As a result, try to try to capture and kill the Mediterranean in Europe in & # 39; the head of & # 39; a populist "Five Star" movement.

"If today people leave Africa, it is because some European countries, especially France, have never stopped colonizing Africa," he said. Speaking on Italian radio on Monday morning, he said: "France is one of the countries that is printed and promoted by 14 million dollars in advancing refugees."

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