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Fortnite Update 6.30 Details: Food Fight LTM, Equipped Turret and More


Epic Games has released a new update to Fortnite on PS4, Xbox One, PCs, switches and mobile. To ease this task, the server went down and the developers detailed all the new additions and changes in the patch notes. The big new arrival is a time limit mode called Food Fight. Players are encouraged to use the newly equipped turrets to resolve the Battle of Durrr Burger vs. Pizza Pit.

"One wall, two entrees, Food Fight has started! Base it up, wait for the barriers to fall, and fight in the new timeout mode. Decide on the team you want on the social channel: #TeamBurger #TeamPizza, .

Turrets are legendary trap weapons found in loot, supply drops, vending machines and supply llamas. Even though you have unlimited ammo, but you get a lot of punches, players should be careful because they can overheat if used too long. Turrets can be placed on the floor and can be destroyed with direct aim or with the aim of rescue support. The piece of floor on which it is placed is invincible. Also, once deployed, keep in mind that anyone can use the turret.

Meanwhile, in Save the World, Epic did some manipulation of the user interface and introduced the Last Word Revolver. Use Save the World to check for new patches and other patch notes. Check out the full patch notes below.


  • Optimized particle effect processing, including modifications to invisible systems.
  • By default, Sprint is enabled by default on all new players.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed push-to-talk interruption when entering or leaving menus.
  • Fixed choosing voice chat input and output devices from the Options menu when there is more than one non-default input or output device.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons could apply incorrect textures.
  • When you submit in-game feedback, the speed of information gathering is improved.
  • Push-to-talk works in menus when bound to a mouse button other than left and right clicks.


  • Improved sort order and separation of party invitations and friend tasks.
  • The chat window automatically switches to a team or party chat each time you join a team or party. System messages are restored when party members and team members join.
  • The size of the chat window has been expanded and minimized.
    • When chat is minimized, the chat scrollbar is no longer visible.
  • Whispers received while the party or team chat is open appear inline in the current window.
  • You are no longer forced to remove players from the current match or zone if you are kicked out of the party.

Bug fixes

  • An invitation to PS4 friends who are not Epic Friends has been resolved to work erratically when a friend comes online after the game starts.
  • Fixed an issue where banners are too small or incorrect in certain areas of the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where chat text would not be displayed when playing a game without opening or closing the chat window.

The social team was distracted by the butterfly. I have forgotten some of my previous patches.

Patch v6.21

  • Fixed an issue where non-Epic friend console friends would display their Epic names in their Friends list.
  • Play-with-friends problem has been fixed.
  • Battle Royale Cosmetics should no longer be listed on the Save the World Hero.
  • Deleting a combined chat channel ("All") is not as useful as Google is confused about chat channels around the world.
  • Friends lists play in the same game mode that appears at the top of your Friends list.

Patch v6.22

  • We have added the battle royal holographic footage again for those who actively match.
    • The text that describes the time that matches the remaining player will be restored soon.
  • Fixed a problem that could become a "ghost" party member after saving the world.
  • Battle Royale Heroes can now appear in the Save the World lobby.

Battle Royale

Time limit mode: food fight

  • The battle of Durrr Burger vs. Pizza Pit has begun. Two teams on both sides of the map. A huge barrier is blocking the middle. Set up a fortress to protect the restaurant mascot. If the barrier is low, destroy the enemy's mascot and win the game!
  • Barriers that can not pass are scattered along the center of the map for the first few minutes.
  • Each team operates a restaurant under construction near the center of the map. The inside is a huge mascot head representing the team.
  • When the mascot head is destroyed, the team loses the match.
  • The team must build a defensive fortress around the restaurant using the barrier with the time of the defenders.
  • Fight before the enemy's mascot gets out as soon as the barriers are low!
  • Special red supplies are spawned at the start of the game. These include weapons, ammunition, traps and hundreds of metal building materials.
  • When the player is removed, the player resumes after 7 seconds to maintain inventory.
  • Removed players spawn 30/30/60 wood / stone / metal materials as well as percent of ammunition when removed.
  • 100% Additional resources are collected.
  • Building resources found on the ground increased from 20 to 50 each.
  • There are no explosive weapons or items in this mode.


  • Port-a-Challenges no longer spawn under the terrain.

Weapon + Item

  • Added turret fitted (legendary trap)
    • Floor Roots, Supply Drops, Vending Machines and Supplies Found in Llama
    • Unlimited ammunition, but it will overheat if fired too often.
    • Can only be placed on the floor.
    • Shoot the mounted turret directly or disassemble the structural support to damage it.
      • The piece of floor on which it is placed is invincible.
    • Once deployed, it can be used by all players regardless of their team.
  • If the vehicle occupant uses the grappler, motion is smoothed by maintaining more vehicle momentum.
  • The Pickaxe damage for the player has increased from 10 to 20.

Bug fixes

  • Use the Adjusted Assault Rifle Shell Emission setting to prevent the shell from interfering with the reticle during aiming.
  • When multiple balloons pop up at the same time, the appropriate audio and visual effects are applied to the balloons.
  • Fixed an issue where players could be damaged when leaving a quadrature while using balloons.
  • Fixed Quadcrashers can be moved by walking inside them.


  • Quadcrashers spawn speed increased from 50% to 100%.
  • Game Pad Binding; Change default gamepad settings from Combat Pro to Builder Pro. Update default custom bindings to match Builder Pro instead of Combat Pro.
  • While affected by Chillers, you can use Emoting, bandaging, using shield potion, and other move-cancelable actions.
  • The damage number appears on the start island.
    • The player will take damage but will not be under 1.
    • Local damage effects such as screen jitter will not play.
    • There is no quest progress in the warm-up lobby.
  • The effect is better handled when the player bursts a fully automatic weapon, such as a sub-machine gun.
    • Tracker and launch sound are more consistent.
  • You can add a new "Camera Reset" action to the Nintendo Switch to bring the camera to the horizon.
    • Unbound by default.
    • Therefore, players with motion control can easily reset the camera position.
  • The player is down before being removed, but the time in Not Out state has been increased from 50 to 60 seconds.

Redistribution of gliders

  • The glider redistribution is now only active for the glider.
    • Skydiving is no longer available when using Glide Redistribution.
      • Skydiving status is still active when jumping on a combat bus, using a launchpad, or using any type of launch (Rifts).
      • When skydiving on launchers or launchers, the height of the forced glider deployment increased from 15.5 meters to 35 meters.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that kept Interact Binding while skydiving did not automatically open the chest when landing.
  • Fixed an issue where players could be seen for a short time like landing skydiving.
  • Fixed issue where PS4 controller lights could be wrong color.


  • New Tournament: Scavenger Pop-Up Cup (Solo)
    • The Pop-Up Cup is a tournament that tests for a temporary timeout mode. Scavenger tests some gameplay adjustments – reducing material restrictions, securing health for quick material harvesting and elimination.
      • Material Hat: 500 wood, 500 bricks, 500 metal
      • The harvest rate has increased by 40%.
      • The player gains 50 health when removing the opponent.
        • When health is full, the player receives a shield.
  • The player no longer needs to restart the game client to start the tournament.
  • Scheduled time now correctly reflects daylight saving time.
  • Improved clarity of the time until the tournament begins and the time remaining in the tournament session.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem in the tournament where the player can not play against a player with similar scores. This greatly increases the difficulty of coincidence when the player gains points.
    • A player who scores high during a session can experience a longer match time when searching for the right opponent.
    • After searching for about 4 minutes for a competitor with similar scores, the player is placed in the best match possible.
  • Fixed an issue where clients would have to restart to update with tournament scores.
  • Fixed an issue where Victory Royale would incorrectly appear as a regular placement point in score summaries.
  • Sometimes scores were given incorrectly at the start of the game and disappeared at the end of the game.
  • Fixed an issue where teammates could not queue up from time to time. Fixed an issue where the game started with less than 80 players.


  • Improved switch performance and memory usage.
  • Optimized animation performance. The animation now works with a fixed time budget, dynamically adjusting the quality, and adjusting the update rate based on load.


  • The glider and footprint audio for invisible players has been more accurately spatialized.
  • Added hit alert audio to damage your car in the distance.
  • We've added the Wind & # 39; Audio Queue to players who travel in the air including themselves.

Bug fixes

  • Cube Monster Fixed an issue where there was no visual sound indicator on the footprint.
  • The problem of triggering the bounce sound twice has been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue where the sound of repetitive weapons sometimes disappeared.
  • Fixed an issue where other players' jumping and landing audio may not play reliably.


  • The hunting party challenge has already been added to the secret mark.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the jersey number could be reset when changing styles in sports outfits with selectable styles.

Art + animation

Bug fixes

  • The unlock text for the pink variant of Scales has been updated to correctly indicate that it has been unlocked at battle pass layer 74 instead of layer 59.
  • "Herald's Wand" The harvest tool updates to indicate there is a response.

Playback system

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where spanning the Play button in the Replay Browser caused an error.
  • Fixed issue where close button became inactive when recalling expired play.
  • Quadranta explosions are no longer reset when scrubbing during a replay.


  • The default quickbar is now visible when you are observing the player.


  • The Honk button has been added to the Add button in the HUD Layout tool.
  • You can now relocate the uninstall feed in the HUD Layout tool.
  • The auto pick-up weapon and auto-open options now default to new players.
  • Your app icon will now be populated with the edges of the latest version of Android.
  • The UI now describes the notches in the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL displays.
  • Use Pixel2XL's shader cache to troubleshoot memory issues.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the crossover buttons were not visible in build / edit mode.
  • Fixed a bug that caused continuous movement input when dragging up the quick bar.
  • Fixed a bug where some players do not work with Sprint on mobile.

A week after they were introduced, the NFL team kits were removed from Fortnite's in-game store. Users who purchase with V-Bucks will continue to be available, but will no longer be available for purchase. Epic has not yet told them they will make money in the future.

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