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End No: No plans to run the office, but focus on finding local on-window crisis: Indra Nooyi

NEW YORK: former PepsiCo chairman and director Indra Nooyi says she has no plans to run for office, but in her post-council period she will focus on & # 39; systemic solutions & # 39; for certain & # 39; care crisis & # 39; targeting a lack of caregivers Look at young children and parents.

Nooyi, speaking on & # 39; a week of & # 39; the world from & # 39; a World Summit here & # 39; last week, warned that there would be a "massive shortage" of about one million young child caregivers and the elderly in the United States & # 39; a few years later.

They said the problem should be addressed and solutions worked really fast, to include 10,000 farmers, with the term describing the global demographic world between 1946 and 1964.

"Many of these boomers will need their care and the millennials will have to take care of these boomers, for they are the sandwich generation between the (baby boomers) and the children. How will you do it all," Nooyi said.

"How will we find out which family, how & # 39; we have time to create a more up-to-date environment," she says.

"This will be a symposium of the kind you & # 39; t have, if we have never had these issues, cost you and find out how & # 39; if it is to be directed, if we don't want it, we will an important care crisis being that we & # 39; t know how to address & # 39; we are addressing in the next 24-36 months. This is what matters to me, "she said to a big applause from & # 39; public.

Asked how they would take the idea and let it work and whether they would expect to drive the office, Nooyi said, "No".

Nooyi confesses that caregivers, who usually work in the hour when they work at a local association shop, try to work in a social social environment as opposed to child and parent care.

"That will make a massive care cut for us. We will have a million caregiver shortages – between older care and childcare – in a few years, what we want to do."

She said companies needed millions on the job elsewhere because the country's productivity was affected. "We need women on the job" but society also wants the millennials to make two children each to determine that the population is replacing the right way.

"But we can't expect you to have these kids if we don't give you the support system," she told another round of audience applause. "This is a real problem that, when countries, businesses, communities, households, and social activities find themselves in a sensitive way to come together and come up with real policy options and start working."

"If we don't get systemic solutions to put this problem together, there will be a shrink", she said.

They admit that they are trying to bring people together to write about the problem in a way that is clear and sharp and anyone can understand the problem and the solution.

"Now the real question is how & # 39; if we come to the right people to say this, the solution of solutions will not work and that's how & # 39; we can there check out."

Nooyi said she was encouraged by efforts in Washington to find solutions to the crisis, including the many birth arrears that she made through Congress, paid family loans and support system for health insurance.

"We can combine this healthcare crisis as a problem that galvanizes actively and locally a whole bundle of other factors that can adapt each to this problem. It is a driving problem and in my beautiful Retirement age now, this is one of the things I will focus on a lot of my attention, "she says, trying to make the old-fashioned & # 39; say "we need to create this" and she will write and publish on this problem.

"We have to stop talking here as a problem, we have to get what is the solution, answered the answers," she said.

Nooyi invented the critical need for employees, especially women, to find out how to work and work a balance between children to work to set up the career pyramid.

Nooyi told her own experience of how she managed to balance her work and deliver her concerns about her young children when moving the ladder into PepsiCo. She said she made the start of her child clear that her child was selling her time in the office if she wasn't short of being with her.

"Very strange in my time at PepsiCo, I decided that I would be one of the boys, but I would also be a woman, that I couldn't let them bother me, that & # 39; t often occur hard. "

She stepped in on October 2 in the last year as PepsiCo's CEO, after 24 years with the company, the last 12 as CEO of the global beverage giant.

Nooyi said she went to PepsiCo in 1994, her oldest daughter was 8 at that time, and the younger was nine months. "I was in the midst of this large scale expansion of my business between 1994 and 2000, worked 24/7," she said, deciding that she should Children could come and play with them in their side, and sleep in their office.

"That is the price of my work on PepsiCo to work, if I could not go home and take care of the children, my side was choosing the place where they were hanging," she said.

When asked if their bosses were with such adaptation, Nooyi, who was then head of Corporate Strategy, said to an applause: "Do they have a choice. If you want me, that's the price of me."

"It's about if you set a niche for yourself that you are competent and you yourself are impotent based on competence, what can they do without you. If they don't want me while they don't want kids to go, then get some different, get a man who couldn't do the job so well, "she said.

Nooyi said she was against her and even her boss, assuring Pepsi CEO Steven Reinemund "always kept" from & # 39; A copy should be used to try both daughters at the same time.

"If you have a boss, it's a piece of cake," she said.

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