Tuesday , November 30 2021

District Emergency Mode Goes to H1N1 Influenza Influences | Thiruvananthapuram News


Thiruvananthapuram: The sudden spawning in the number H1N1 influences has influence in the neighborhood in & # 39; the waiting mode. The following reports indicate the number of cases set to go down, the health department has Thursday training for officers on Friday.

According to the information provided by the integrated disease project of the Health Care Director, 40 cases of H1N1flu are reported in & # 39; the neighborhood in November.

Three dead and one trusted issue of H1N1 deaths were reported. The death of a 30-year-old woman, a mother of Veli, was treated for H1N1-flu, was the last incident. Some 180 cases and 11 deaths were reported in the state of this month. Although health care providers are alert, they see there is no reason for panic.

Upper number H1N1 rocks were first reported in Tamil Nadu. In Thiruvananthapuram southern areas such as Parassala have recorded a higher number of H1N1 cases. This has the neighborhood placed, the border applies to Tamil Nadu, in alarm mode.

Dr Neena Rani, district administration, said that a move in H1N1 case is expected in this month. "We will need a senior grandmother, about 83 doctors of primary health centers were trained on early detection and intervention. Directions were offered to begin drug replacement for the first to kill H1N1 cases. are designed to store enough medicines in all care centers, "she said.

Fever, walking nose, cough, honest chalice and body are some of the common symptoms of H1N1 flu. It is in three types based on their hardness. While A-category flu usually disappears after using paracetamol tablets, B category result in a sudden harshness of fever. C category grip with special admission.

"There is a national increase in HIN1 cases," said Dr Amar Fettle, State Officer (H1N1). People need to use a handkerchief as they cough or sneeze, he said.

"Resistance is important, but it does not only help prevent the spread of illness, but also the probability of chance. Frequent removal will check the control of the disease. Patients should make sure they eat and eat Take fruits as papaya and hip, these are rich in vitamin A and C. Patients should also drink lots of water, they can also have ginger, tulsi coffee and so on, "greases Fettle.

Medical experts see the decline in medicines and the removal of Oseltamivir for some days for fatalities.

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