Thursday , April 22 2021

Deadfire will receive a full-on turn-based mode this week •

People have arguments regarding the arrows of the eternal, real time with pope, since it is called Project Eternity and on Kickstarter. But Obsidian has finally chosen to pop.

However, several years later – and eight months after the release of Pillars or Eternity 2 – Deadfire – things will change. A turn-based mode comes – this week!

On Thursday, January 24, a free update will make pauses 2 in both real-time with pause mode, or turn-based fashion. But note: the turn-based mode will be in beta, if it still needs mass testing.


On turn-based, a "fundamental" difference will make, game director Josh Sawyer said in a dev diary that will be published this week. There will be an ascending line, which & # 39; s directed by initiation, of course, but you also see championships and medals that you may not have included before. Coordinating positions and strategies will become much easier.

"It's a real, really pleasant experience," Sawyer said. "I would encourage you to try it, even if you have played through Deadfire, through the whole thing." Check out turn-based, it really changes when the game plays and feels.

Due to the difference, you cannot switch between real time with pop and turn-based modes. You must start a new campaign.


It's a noticeable change to make in any day, though there are still consoles from Pillars or Eternity 2 in & # 39; e pipeline.

It can also help with slick arrows of eternity 2 selling, perhaps by convinced some of many turn-based Divinity: Original Sin fans to have a go. I'm still sold.

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