Saturday , June 19 2021

Congo election campaign Fayulu calls for protests

KINSHASA, Congo (AP) – The last president of Congo (all times local):

2:10 am

Congo & # 39; s election communication Martin Fayulu calls for national protests to reject the Constitutional Court's ballots and confirm that Felix Tshisekedi won.

Fayulu says he himself is the only legitimate president of Congo.

He says "the constitutional court confirmed that it means a dictatorial regime." He says the court favored false results in a "constitution".

Fayulu had accused Congo of the election committee of results dramatically different from one that was pollen around the country. But the court said he did not move his evidence to recover his complaint.

Congo & # 39; s government says Tshisekedi & # 39; s housing is on Tuesday.


1.20 a.m.

Congo's Constitutional Court has declared that Felix Tshisekedi is elected as president for "he denied the challenge to the vote by the parade Martin Fayulu."

The statement came minutes to the Fayulu request for a representation in & # 39; December announced.

Fayulu had accused Congo of the election committee of results dramatically different from one that was pollen around the country. Leaked data regarding the commission shows that Fayulu won easily.

But Judge Fayulu did not propose to bring back his complaint.

The government of a court comes shortly to the African Union in an impatient move that asked Congo to forgive & # 39; the elections of & # 39; elections The elections call it "dubious" about the mood. The plan to send a high-level delegation on Monday to find a way out of the voter's crisis is worrying.


12:45 pm

Congo & # 39; s Constitutional Court has a challenge of & # 39; the president of & # 39; rejecting elections from & # 39; a statement by Martin Fayulu.

Fayulu had requested a change, causing the Congo & # 39; s election committee to announce & # 39; distinguish results dramatically from & # 39; people who & # 39; t to & # 39; e pollen stationed. Added data regarding & # 39; a commission shows that Fayulu easily & # 39; On December 30, winner of the declare winner Felix Tshisekedi.

The court comes to & # 39; a Afûk of & # 39; A United Nations in an inexorable election which asked Congo to forgive that the final election results of the elections call "great doubt" about the mood.


10:10 pm

Congo people say internet service has returned, 20 days after being cut off after the elections.

Internet service in Congo has been ruled out on December 31 in a probable problem of vapor speculation over presidential elections. The constitutional court has been removed to rule on a outcome challenge that has been taken up by the declared runner Martin Fayulu, who poses fraud.

The United States Ambassador to Congo, Mike Hammer, earlier on Sunday afternoon Sunday afternoon during 20 days without the Internet in "country for 20 days" and that access "must now be necessary".

British Ambassador John Murton has also usually re-registered for a termination.


3:50 p.m.

The party behind the declared winner of Congo's presidential elections is deviating from the surprising request of rendering African for final results in & # 39; forgiving a "serious doubt" about the mood.

The secretary general of Felix Tshisekedi 's Uni for Democracy and Social Advancement partner accuses mining lobbyists of desiring to destabilize Congo and gain the mineral-rich land.

Jean-Marc Kabund's Declaration as Congo's constitutional court has been removed to rule the statement of & # 39; a victory over election results, fraud of fraud. Kabund's UDPS party calls on the Congo people to combine and defend the Soviet Union.

Hundreds of Tshisekedi supporters are at & # 39; the streets of the capital, Kinshasa, the banks of civil servants and banners that you & # 39; Congo for the Congo & # 39; read.

Martin Fayulu is attempting a crossover in December 30.

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