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Check out the biggest Pokemon in the detective Pikachu trailer


After collecting fans for decades through video games, trading cards, animations and merchandise, Pokemon We are finally making a live action debut next year. Instead of adapting Ash Ketchum's animated adventure to collect gym badges and try to catch them all, Pokemon The movie Great detective Pikachu Video games. For months, fans wondered what was stored. Pikachu Detective, And now we finally have footage thanks to the first trailer.

Judging by the reaction on the Internet Pikachu Detective The trailer was a pleasant surprise, ideal for the film itself. More importantly, many Pokémon will appear. Pikachu Detective Only mice with severe and electrically charged. A closer look at the trailer will give you a quick look at animals such as Charmander, Dodrio, Squirrel, and Pidgeotto. But let's look at all the Pokemon that gets more important screen time for this feature.


Let's get something clear during the day. For decades Pikachu Pokemon Mascot of franchise. Pokémon can be recognized by people who know little about it. From a mouse-like appearance to a powerful electrical attack, I like a lot about pikachu Pikachu Detective, Many people will see the creature as a new light. In one notable exception, Pikachu is like almost all Pokemon, but you can change the name slightly. now Great detective Pikachu In video games, you hear Pikachu speak like a human being.

Pikachu DetectiveThe Pokémon that became the founder of the game were expressed by Ryan Reynolds. Like in video games, he is more intelligent than ordinary Pikachu and uses his brain to solve mysteries, why he is wearing a Sherlock hat. In this film, he has partnered with Tim Goodman of Judge Smith. He is the only person who can actually hear this Pikachu English. Pikachu will help the team track down the missing father, and travel can meet with bullshit.


People who have seen you Pokemon Anime in its earliest years will remember Psyduck as a hilarious source of frustration for Ash's pal Misty. Her Psyduck (she accidentally caught) often used to come out of Pokeball instead of Pokemon Misty actually wanted to spend. And she was intentionally picking it up many times, basically useless. However, if Psyduck's headache is bad enough, it can cause a powerful psychic attack that neutralizes the other.

For Pikachu Detective, Psyduck will be with Kathryn Newton's Lucy Stevens and Tim Goodman. It's hard to tell specifically what we can expect from this Psyduck, but it makes Psyduck look like a stupid face to others. It's unlikely. Pikachu Detective I will develop into Raichu in this movie, and Lucy's Psyduck will evolve into Golduck, making it more capable but less cute.

Bulbasaur and Morelull

Most major Pokemon If you choose to play a video game, that is, & # 39; VERSION & # 39; you can choose a turf type, fire type or water type for a beginner Pokemon. In the first generation, a.k.a. Pokemon Red and blue (And its remakes), the Bulbasaur is a turf type, and would then develop into an Ivysaur as Venusaur. Ash Ketchum also caught Bulbasaur as a pokemon trainer early on. in Pikachu Detective Watch a group of Bulbasaur walking down the Japanese Cricket trailer, followed by Tim and Pikachu (sleeping or injured person).

There is a Morello, Grass / Fairy-type Pokemon that evolves into a Shiinotic with Bulbasaur. Morello was introduced into the VII generation Sun and month age. They are so cute to see. But like Bulbasaur, it is difficult to say whether they are in the plot in any sense, or just for decoration.


Here we have another Pokemon that provided an early comedy. Pokemon animation. Jigglypuff (developed as Wigglytuff, later given Igglybuff pre-evolution form) is a Normal / Fairty type that is usually known for singing attacks that sleep the other party. In the animation, there was a certain Jigglypuff that followed the main character and wanted to show what a marvelous singer was. Unfortunately, the soft voice always makes people sleep and feel anger, and Jigglypuff draws a face using a microphone-shaped marker.

It looks like Jigglypuff. Pikachu Detective We meet a man asleep at a table in a cafe. And Jigglypuff is concerned that the audience catches some z. I do not want to hire Jigglypuff as a talented person at night. Because singing in public places is because customers do not order anything else for the rest of the night.


Do you remember when we talked about the Pokémon starter? Well, in the first generation, if you want a fire type, Charmander would have been your choice, evolve into Chameleon, and evolve into the Charizard you saw above. Although not at the level of Pikachu, Charizard is one of the more popular pokemon. It is similar to an amazing fire attack and dragon (not necessarily a dragon type). The Charmander of Ketchum became a Charizard, and originally the monster did not follow Ash's command, but eventually it became loyal to the young man.

For Pikachu Detective, Charizard will compete in the Underground Pokemon Fighting Ring, and I would not be surprised if it is the champion it dominates. As you can see we will fight this Charizard at the end of the trailer, it is not a good sign for starring Pikachu. Fortunately, Charizard is a Fire-Flying type, and Electric move is very effective for flying types. Therefore, Karichaai may be killed by a timely attack in Pikachu.

That Leninja

Like Morelull, Greninja is a new Pokémon that debuted in the sixth generation. X and Why age. Water / Dark-type Greninja evolved from Frogadier and is the final form of Flroakie. Frog Humanoid If you wonder what a ninja looks like, this is what you get. Ash picked up his professional kids (Froakie) in the Kalos area. After that he developed into a Greninja.

Three Grein Ninja Pikachu Detective The trailer, by itself, is not a lot of context. But later in the preview, I saw this grein ninja chasing Pikachu. So they can assume that the main antagonist of the film, or at least, is working for someone with a conflict of interest with the team and Pikachu.


Finally we originally retreated the psychic / fairy type Mime, one of the 151 Pokémon (retrospectively mime junior). The most famous Mime is Anime's landlord, who belongs to Ash Ketchum's mother, Anime.

Mime speaks in animation and has his own noise in video games, Pikachu Detective Appropriately, and pleasantly, it became dumb. Like a real mime! This is heavily dependent on Pikachu's misfortune. Pikachu said Mime would push it, and Pikachu immediately jumped into Mime's Barrier when he was about to become a "bad cop". This Pokemon will be hard to break.

Pikachu Detective Please visit the theater on May 10, 2019, so please keep an eye on CinemaBlend. In the meantime, take a look at the 2019 release schedule and see if there are other movies coming out of the year.

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