Sunday , January 23 2022

Chamisa faces assault exploration – NewsDay Zimbabwe


Gomichi said that there was an attempt on the life of Chamisa. When the employed hands behind the steering wheel of Toyota Harrier attempted to cause an accident involving Shamisawa's convoy, the government's statement said they had already blamed and concluded the investigation.

MDC spokesman Jacob Mafume said that Chamisa was attacked by a national security officer while on his way out of Marron de la Vida.

"We had an argument with the CIO, they blocked the convoy and tried to retrieve Chamisa from the President's car, and our safety prevented him from catching him," he added at a news conference.

But Mutsvangwa denied any government agent's act of threatening Chamisa's life or kidnapping him while traveling in Marondera.

"The government would like to explicitly state that intelligence services, security services, or government agencies do not own the Toyota Harrier in the video. The prompt confirmation at the Central Vehicle Registry is that the media, Toyota Harrier owners Will show people who have interests. "

Last month, Chamisa said there was a "suspicious vehicle" in which his party described his party as a serious breach of personal safety, threatening his life and pursuing his movements.

Opposition parties suspected that those who were tracking their leaders had linked military and intelligence agencies.

At the time, Mafume warned that although supervision of the boss was strengthened, he would be held responsible for what happened to the car mass.

In recent cases, the MDC claimed that the National Security Agency attempted to snatch Chamisa. A kidnapper suspected of being kidnapped and an incident occurred a few kilometers away from Harare, a security team at Chamisa in Ruwa.

This met with thousands of supporters at the "Thank you" rally at the Rudhaka Stadium as news of about six cars following Chamisa's escort on Maraddera.

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