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Camila Cabello is like Shawn Mendes & Is More Ready To Show It In Public PDA – Hollywood Life

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are more published with their thriving romance and not clearer that they see their PDA. But they are not hard to make a label on their relationship.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes They're just big friends for so long, so they're not watching how they're doing with what a novel is. They were photographed on July 12 in a San Francisco cafe with Shawn with Camilla in their ears as they lay their heads on their breasts. The couple also kept open hands in food, in complete display of other patterns. Later on eating in SF, they sat on the side sitting on the table and they started eating perfectly! "Camila and Shawn & # 39; s feelings for each other are very, very real. There has always been an attraction, but it was not until they were only able to research," says a source close to both EXCLUSIVELY.

"That said, she is very new, but she is not in a rush to put a label on everything. They will now just enjoy and enjoy the summer together," continues to us later. Camila and her friend of one year, British trainer Matthew Hussey, 32, broke in June. The first PDA cuts between the "Havana" singer and Shawn came in the fourth of July weekend in Los Angeles, where the two were not saved.

"She really feels happy with Shawn and is looking to see where it's going. If they are together, they look like friend and girlfriend. You can tell that they have real chemistry and passion and they are so much happier and lighter as when she was with Matthew, "our source explains.

"Shawn is the least guy and out, and Camila is quiet and more private, so they exchange one of the other good ones. It looked like it was quietly and rarely kept, but now it was" ### find him more and happy to show them ", adds the insider. That was true in her PDA full of women at Dottie's True Blue Cafe in San Francisco, where a reader saw her image so happy in Shawn's weapons, and also the video of her sacred holding session.

Camila makes it clear how they're in Shawn's cruelty, when they're at the age of 5 in & nbsp; Staples Center & # 39; a 20-year-old male visited. In the first night she looked out of a skybox and couldn't help as a fangirl about him, posting two Instagram stories videos that he did. At first, they wrote "@shawnmendes" you could not get faster. Wow, "with a red heart" and "Unreal." @shawnmendes "on the second. The next morning, the few spotted were put on a PDA show on Sunday brunch at Sweet Chick in West Hollywood. Shawn has proven that the two are not requesting, but grieving as a couple!

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