Saturday , April 4 2020
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Buy on alert for infected skin condition

A COMMUNITY screening program for a strep bacterium-related skin infection in the Weipa-Mapoon-Napranum area has been expanded to screen more children.

The program monitors all children in the area for skin infections that can lead to kidney disease.

Public Health doctor Steven Donohue said the screening program had received good support since the beginning of August 7.

He said more than 600 of screened children who had conditions were identified, such as skin injuries, mammals or arms, receiving a dose of antibiotics.

"To date, we have surveyed more than 1350 young people from 12 months to 17 years old, out of a total estimated resident population of about 2000 in that age group, & # 39; & # 39; he said.

"That's about 67.5 percent of the target age group, but our goal is to get as close to 90 percent as possible.

"The strep bacteria that have requested this screening program are highly infected and can spread from person to person through skin ulcers, mammals or sore throats.

"Therefore, our goal is to screen as many of our targeted age groups as possible to identify those with infected conditions and then treat them to stop the spread of & # 39; infection. & # 39; & # 39;

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