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Breakthrough Discover Alzheimer's


A new study has found that the neurons in the brain can change their genetic makeup, other than other cells of the body that remain constant. This genetic modification can be the basis for altered buildings and facilities. This can lead to various neurodegenerative conditions, such as Alzheimer's disease, explain the researchers. The study was published in the last issue of the magazine Nature.

Alzheimer's disease with MRI. Image Credit: Atthapon Rack Hood ./ Shutterstock

Alzheimer's disease with MRI. Image Credit: Atthapon Rack Hood ./ Shutterstock

Neurologists from the world have this latest study as a constitution in # 39; the insight of this vulnerable disease. The history of this population goes back to the 70's as researchers have found that some of the cells of the brain are apt to crack and edit their DNA. This was called somatic recombination that was first seen in immune cells and later in the brain.

The researchers conducted by neuroscientist Jerold Chun of the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute in San Diego, California. He saw the brains of deceased elderly people 6 of who was healthy in the death of # 39; Death and Seal of her no illness of the shape of Alzheimer's disease. They looked at the various versions of genes found in these neurons.

These genes have all the code for the Amyloid-Advance Protein (APP). As modified, this gene stimulates the production of amyloid proteins that provide oral disorders in patients with Alzheimer's disease. They had evidence that many instances of this gene were among those who led the disease to overuse the eau and its provisions. Shall recombination was the reason for this change.

They found that neurons in the effect of brain thousands of variants of & # 39; e APP gene. Some of these variants had a few neo-lysis changes, while others have large DNA-linked edges with tacky or limiting parts of DNA.

In comparison with healthy individuals, they have Alzheimer's six times the variants of APP gene. They noted that 11 mutations are seen in the rare form of healing of Alzheimer's. Wait without Alzheimer's has not these mutations.

According to Chun, "Besides the only constant blueprint that lives in life, neurons have the ability to change the blueprint." He claims that this change can be the reason for cognitive development, memory and learning, but may also be the cause of neurodegenerative disease. The team believes that somatic or genetic resuscitation can be caused by an enzyme reverse transcriptase.

This enzyme can create DNA copies of RNA molecules and a variant arising as the enzymic RNA copies of APP gene and a DNA copy of this RNA molecule. This is against ordinary (the DNA from RNA) and hence the copy is incomplete.

This new version of DNA is different from the originally explained Chun and coded for another APP. Reverse transcriptase enzyme can be blocked by medicines that are used against HIV infection. This means that these anti-HIV medications can also help with Alzheimer's disease Chun disease. The team also looks at the possibility of this mechanization that causes other brain surgeries like Parkinson's cause. From now on, the investigation into the national phase of expertizations and more work should be done for confirmation.


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